5 Reasons Why You Should Travel in the Winter

Summer vacations are popular among most people. We daydream about the destinations we’ll travel to over the summer. But what if we took a different approach to winter? 

Perhaps winter is a good time to have fun, see friends, and do something different. Maybe it’s because of the long school break or the unending sunny afternoons. Either way, a lot of us save all year for our summer vacation, and then that’s it.

Who’s to say, though, that winter isn’t also a great time to travel? It’s also the greatest time of year to break out your winter coats and flex your finest winter gloves. So, without further ado, here are the five best reasons to go against the grain and vacation during the cooler months.

1. Some places are better in the winter.

Many natural and artificial activities occur throughout the winter. Some you can never see or experience at any other time of year. Like the aurora borealis (also known as the Northern Lights). It is only visible in northern Europe during the winter months, and Europe is not just famed for the aurora borealis, but it is also a great place to visit for first-time travelers. The city of Amsterdam is stunning at any time of year, but it’s particularly stunning when it’s lit up. So, winter is the best season to see the Amsterdam Light Festival. It is a 53-day show that contains 25 light artworks spread across ten city stories. You may observe the lights from the streets or the canals for a unique perspective.

Do you want a mascot for your winter festival? You should go to the Quebec Winter Carnival. It has a snowman mascot named Bonhomme. From ax throwing to canoe races, there are activities for everyone. Ice sculpture courses are also available for people who want to make art out of winter.

It’s fantastic that winter is fueling some fantastic activities.

2. You can get the best holiday offers.

Another reason that winter is the most fantastic time for vacation is at lower rates. Yes, your money will stretch further. Most tourists dislike the sub-zero temperatures. It results in the “down season” that winter is notorious for. It works in your favor because you’ll save money on flights and lodging. 

Almost everything is a little less expensive in the winter. Money does not make the world go round, as we all know, but that isn’t the argument we’re trying to make. It allows you to do even more activities on your actual vacation, which is why most of us go in the first place.

3. Winter food is the best. 

Maybe it’s just your imagination. Or food indeed does sparkle more in the cold, but soup in the summer isn’t as good as soup in the winter. In the same way, you can’t think about that delicious oxtail handmade dish in the summer, can you? It just does not work. Imagine all the splendor your taste buds get to bask in when you go to other places. Try out new dishes close to a fireplace while wearing your very fabulous winter attire.

Winter means restaurants are switching from fresh summer menus to cozy winter menus. Many provide specials on specific winter meals or combos. The food and drink options available during the holiday season are tempting. Hello, soups, schnitzel, roast dinners, and more! The list could go on and on. There’s something so comforting about being all bundled up and warm. You get to eat and drink everything that comes your way. Beware of food coma!

4. Holiday shopping has never been more enjoyable.

City streets are full of glittering, gleaming lights. Shop windows deck out to the gills with well-designed Christmas displays. You know Christmas has arrived. They are one-of-a-kind and a sight to behold. Tourists gather on the streets to see the imaginative Christmas themes and narratives. It leaves shoppers in awe. Some shops are eager to get their in-store decorations and window themes by the end of October! 

You could stroll around the streets of Berlin or Budapest and eat festive cuisine. You can also tour Salzburg or Strasbourg and look for the ideal present for your loved one. Winter is the finest season for turning a last-minute task into a sumptuous delight. All thanks to Christmas markets.

5. It’s likely to be less crowded.

Fewer people mean shorter lines and fewer congested attractions. It makes it much easier to travel with kids who can get irritated by long lines. Large cities will always be bustling with activity. Many of the most popular sites will continue to attract large crowds even in the dead of winter. But, you may expect shorter lines and a more personalized experience.

You could argue that you don’t need to be on vacation to enjoy this advice. But it’s one worth remembering if you’re planning a trip during the cooler months. 

Allow cold weather to motivate you to do something out of the ordinary. Enjoy the lively holiday parties and the associated gatherings of family and friends. And believe us when we say winter is, without a doubt, the best season!

Lisa Daniels

Lisa Daniels