The Benefits Of Experiencing Travel Without a Plan

Many people consider traveling to be a way out of their comfort zone. And that’s true. If you are used to planning everything up to a minute, a trip to an unfamiliar place without any instruction of action can be a real shock to you. But don’t worry at all. Limit your plan to hotel reservations and buying a return ticket. And then you will feel the freedom.

A variety of choices

When you plan a trip, one of the first things you do is find the information about the city, making a detailed route of places you want to visit. But when you do not have a plan, you are not limited in actions. You decide what to do depending on the situation. Visit all popular places, or wander the streets hidden from curious tourists? Have a snack at McDonald’s, or go to a small family coffee shop? Play slots for real money in famous casinos or spend a whole day in your hotel room? You are free, all choices are up to you!

The Adrenaline of Spontaneity

When you go on an unplanned trip for the first time, it is obvious that you will feel fear and excitement. You will be overcoming doubts about the correctness of your choice. But calm down! First, think about what you want from traveling. New knowledge, discoveries, adventures? Try to turn fear into pleasant excitement that happens before some principal life events.

To relax without plans, try to open your mind to everything new. Start small – do something spontaneous, unusual, change your daily route. And when you go on a trip, you will already have clear and correct thinking for a successful journey.

Strangers’ secrets

Since childhood, we have been taught not to talk to strangers. And this is the right decision – a child can’t objectively assess the intentions of an adult. But at a conscious age, communication with strangers can be an unforgettable experience for you.

It doesn’t matter which country or city you go to. In any corner of the world, you will meet interesting people who will be happy to share their stories. 

Don’t be afraid to start a small conversation in a cafe, park, or store. You never know who you will meet – a local or a tourist like you. In any case, you can enjoy and benefit from this – a local will tell you about unpopular places in the city, and the tourist will share the secrets of successful trips.

You can learn from your failures 

When you travel with a plan, the things that go wrong are related to your mistakes. You’ll never learn from them. However, when you travel without a plan, and something fails, you will never do it again. 

Without clear instructions, you will surely make mistakes. And that’s completely normal! But you will know exactly what things you don’t need to take on your next trip, how it is more convenient to pack your suitcase, and where it is best to read reviews about restaurants and hotels.

You’ll be an interesting person 

If you travel without a plan, it will look like life is an adventure for you, and people will see how brave you are. It’s very cool to have friends who can not predict your next moves because they don’t know where you will turn up next. If the people around you think that this kind of travel is great – that means that it is!

You won’t be disappointed

With every new day, most tourists’ moods worsen at least by one percent. It happens because their plans fail due to unforeseen events (like flight delays or transportation problems). 

While on holiday without a plan, there is nothing to worry about – no matter what happens, you will be a hundred percent prepared for it. You will never be disappointed if you don’t expect anything.

You will gain some cool experiences

When you travel with a plan, you can easily fall into the trap of following the beaten tourist route—walking on the same paths as hundreds before you did. 

If you are determined to wander off the map and feel the real spirit of your destination, then this is for sure one of the biggest perks of traveling without plans.

About the Author

Scott Carrion is a freelance writer and analyst focusing on business and marketing. His Master’s degree in Business research from Curtis L. Carlson School of Management has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He works closely with B2B and B2C companies providing useful and engaging content that can convert viewers into customers. His favorite way to spend holidays and vacations – visiting new countries. 

Scott Carrion

Scott Carrion