Skin Care Tips To Know For A Cold Winter Vacation

The changing seasons can take our skin for a ride. In the colder, winter months, for example, you’ll notice that your skin gets extra dry and flaky. That’s because the dry heat indoors, the cold air and winter wind outside, and the low humidity levels rid our skin of moisture — leaving our faces looking less radiant than the past months. 

Now, add travel to that. The cold weather leaves the skin dry, and traveling makes it look tired. Not the perfect combination, definitely. But the good news is there are plenty of ways to keep that glow while on a cold winter vacation and have a refreshing vacation through and through.

Opt for a lower temp when showering

When it’s cold, a long hot shower sounds like a very tempting option. However, steamy showers can leave your skin dry. So, for showering and handwashing, go for warm rather than hot water. A warm bath, lasting 5 to 10 minutes, would be less harsh than a hot one. If you’re wondering what “too hot” is, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center suggests that if it turns your skin red, it is too hot. 

Use a humidifier

You know when you have your period, period underwear becomes a good, reliable buddy? A humidifier does that for you during the cold winter days. Invest in a portable humidifier for your travels to restore moisture in the air wherever you go. Run it where you are staying most of the time, and keep the humidity between 30 and 50 percent. Your best bet is to turn it on overnight while you are asleep.  

Bring with you gentle, fragrance-free cleansers

Avoid products that can strip off your skin’s natural oils, such as bar soaps. Choose cleansers that are labeled “for sensitive skin” or “fragrance-free” as these usually have fewer ingredients, and are less harsh on your skin. They also typically contain more moisturizing ingredients, such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, oils, and shea butter.

Trust your overnight treatments

Winter is definitely not the best time to skip your nighttime skincare routine! Skin moisturizers, such as emollients work great in curing dry skin overnight. Emollients do wonders in restoring and maintaining skin moisture. However, they take their time getting into the skin, so using them overnight can maximize their effectiveness. If you are applying moisturizers on your hands and feet, cover them with plastic wrap after application so they won’t spread on your covers and sheets. 

Adjust your skin care regimen

Your skincare during the winter months must address dry, flaky skin. So, oil cleansing might not be on top of your priority list, as you would rather retain some oil on your skin to protect it. Opt for oils and creams for your winter travel skincare routine. For your hands and body, choose richer moisturizers, as well. Petrolatum, squalene, and shea butter are good ingredients to look out for as these form a protective covering on the skin, sealing in the moisture. Also, make sure to do this right after your warm shower to make sure that you maximize the absorption of the products.

Use sunscreen

Just because the sun’s rays do not feel as hot in the winter as they do in the summer doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. When it’s bright during the winter, snow reflects the sun’s rays, which actually multiplies the UV exposure. So, don’t get too complacent just because it’s a bit darker and dreary during the winter. 80% of the harmful UV rays from the sun can still go through the clouds and damage our skin nonetheless.

Stay hydrated

Hydrate both from the inside and outside. Bring with you a face mist of your choice on your travels to make sure your skin is hydrated while on the go. Drink plenty of fluids, as well. When we are not well hydrated, it shows up on our face and makes it susceptible to dryness. In addition, also choose foods that are high in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids whenever possible during your travels. As much as you can, avoid sugary and processed foods, as well.

Wear breathable clothing

Plan your outfits well, too. Make sure that the fabrics that will be directly touching your skin are made with breathable, soft fabrics like cotton or silk. On top of them, you can put on heavier and warmer clothes and sweaters. Don’t forget to protect your hands, as well. Wear gloves or mittens made with non-irritating fabrics.

Final Thoughts

It is common for our skin to get drier and flakier during the cold season. For sure, your daily skincare routine can handle it just right. However, if you are going on vacation and traveling during the winter, it might take more planning as to which products to bring and use while on the go. The list above is definitely a great starting point in planning your winter vacation skincare regimen.

Aussy Aportadera

Aussy Aportadera