Lake Powell: The Desert Strips Away The Noise

My friends and I set out for a 30th birthday adventure on our ISLE paddle boards in Lake Powell, below was my biggest reflection and take away.

You know the noise that’s constantly floating around in your head.

Sometimes it’s the noise of endless scrolling, other times it’s the noise of intrusive thoughts or logical, analytical thoughts: “what decision do I make” – “I just want this thing to work” – “where am I going next?”

The endless circle, the endless cycle. 

We all do our best in the modern day world to strip ourselves of these thoughts. Sometimes we see the cycle, but don’t always know how to break out of it.

We can’t always win against it.

I’m a huge advocate for Outdoors Rx, the idea of prescribing the outdoors as medicine. When we venture outside – it gives us a second to breathe, to stop, to regulate – and to give to our body or mind whatever it needs.

I believe that different environments and different eco-systems give us different things when it comes to regulation. 

And the way the desert regulates us, is by stripping away the noise. 

The desert is empty, desolate and dry.

It evaporates almost all the water, and almost all of the life out of its environment. 

So what better way to clear your mind, body and soul, than with a trip to the desert?

I’m telling you, there isn’t a better way. 

You won’t stay for long, or dare I say you’d dry up.

But when you MAKE the time to be with yourself stripped away from all the noise… My, ohh my, you’re simply reminded of who you are at your core.

Who you are at your essence.

What you are. 

What you care about.

And who and what you love. 

It all shines bright.

The desert will seemingly cast a “spell” over you, but my dear, do realize. This is no spell. But simply a crystal clear picture of you and your desires.

The desert gives you permission – no matter how illogical it may seem.

Next time you need some clarity, I invite you to run away to a place where you’ll find yourself alone.

Alone among the open spaces.

Among the red rock walls.

Alone, in a place, where you feel all the noise stripped away. 

Where you’ll find your heart and see it whole.

You’ll know when your welcome has run out, and it’s time to venture home.

And you’ll walk away with more clarity than you could imagine, from a trip returning to your soul.

About the Author

Holly Mandarich is a guide architect for Wild Bum. If you liked this piece about the desert, check out Holly’s guide to exploring Capital Reef in Utah!

Holly Mandarich

Holly Mandarich