Top 5 Post-COVID Wedding Destinations

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by storm in an unprecedented instance, so many changes took place. From travel bans to lockdowns and quarantine, it is safe to say that plans also took major turning points in not just months, but the past year. Many vacations were not pushed through, celebrations did more solemn, events were pushed back, and so on. This is why, people are now more than ever, looking forward to traveling to different places and if it’s done during a celebration, like let’s say, a wedding, then the better. So, let’s talk about wedding destinations!

Although travel bans, lockdowns, and restrictions may have been adjusted to a certain level that now allows people to go to more places, it is understandable how there are some people that still prefer to stay safe indoors as the virus is still out there and the anxiety it brings is still at a high despite the mandatory quarantines and health protocols like swab testing put in place. This is why there are people that are planning to get back on their traveling pants post-covid. Here are the Top 5 Post-Covid Wedding Destinations to help you out!

West coast

California is one of the most known dream destinations ever. From the sunny beaches to the picturesque city, it is without a doubt the West Coast is one of the places you should definitely consider visiting for your wedding. Match it up with the perfect wedding ring, and it will be the most IG-worthy wedding you can think of. 

East Coast

One of the cities you should definitely consider visiting is Pittsburgh. It is situated in both the East Coast and the Midwest and belongs in Western Pennsylvania. There is only so much to do in Pittsburgh, with its historic rivers, that is in beautiful contrast with new up-and-coming technology that is being sprung in the location, which is why it is not only livable but a place that travelers put on their bucket list. There is a shop district in the town that is best to visit the day after your wedding, where you can spot coffee shops to begin your morning, restaurants, and markets where you can shop. As for the location of the ceremony, nowadays outdoor weddings are a hit, which is why the lakes and hills at Western PA are perfect. 


Stillwater, Minnesota is definitely one of the places that you want to visit and come back to as soon as you leave. With a small population of just 19,000, it has such a charm that will draw you right back, making it one of the perfect wedding destinations. You can eat, drink and shop along Main Street both before and after the wedding. The best part? It’s budget-friendly! So you would not only have a beautiful intimate wedding reception at a place where you can do so much like visit many local shops, and attend the many events they have in-store as they host festivities all year round, which your wedding could be part of!


If you’re adventurous, Moab, Utah is the place for you as it is the place for the spirited people looking for excitement. There are accessible national parks to go to, and maybe set your wedding reception at if you’re looking for something different. You can skydive, or take a tour around the scenic places in the area like the Green River to make your wedding destinations even more memorable. 


Is kayaking something you and your partner like to do together? Or maybe something new you just want to discover at the start of a new chapter in your relationship? Then it might be a good idea to spend your wedding at Lake Powell in Arizona. Maybe you can get your family and friends to try it out too. 


The COVID-19 pandemic really affected everyone’s lives and delayed some plans. However, there is always still time with the right person and regardless of where you spend your time together, it will always be worthwhile. Still, it is always important to make plans and consider a lot of things when traveling or planning events like weddings. There is the issue of budget, location, things to do, interests, and whatnot. This is why now is the perfect time to make plans after the pandemic because there is enough time to think things through and save the money you are about to spend. 

The pandemic is far from over, but planning these things ahead gives everyone something to look forward to in this time of darkness and uncertainty. Things may not look so bright at the moment, but having something to wait for with your significant other most importantly, can definitely lighten up the mood and brighten up the darkest corners. 

Aussy Aportadera

Aussy Aportadera