How to Spend a Day at Coney Island, New York

Step right up to the marvelous, the spectacular Coney Island! Located on the southern tip of Brooklyn, Coney Island isn’t just another boardwalk. It’s one of those mesmerizing, historical places that leaves a lasting memory for anyone who visits. It’s a melting pot of people who come from all walks of life to enjoy a day in the sunshine. Carve out a good chunk of the day for this excursion, as it takes about an hour to get to Coney Island by subway. Keep reading to discover more of what this beachfront circus has to offer.

Thrill Rides

Most associate Coney Island with thrill rides. Since it’s opening in 1927, the wooden Cyclone has been one of Coney Island’s most cherished operating landmarks. Second only to the 150-foot-tall Wonder Wheel. If rides from the 20’s freak you out, rumor has it that Deno’s is adding a new roller coaster named the Phoenix in 2021. Purchase a pre-paid Luna Card to enjoy games, food, and iconic rides such as the Cyclone, Thunderbolt, Seaside Swings, and more.

Boardwalk Cuisine

The thing to eat in Coney Island is actually none other than Nathan’s Famous hot dogs. Or grab a cold one at Ruby’s Bar & Grill, serving up beachfront snacks since 1972. Grab a slice of pizza from Totonno’s or a lobster roll from Paul’s Daughter. If none of these hit the spot, how about Doña Zita for some casual Mexican eats. For dessert, don’t skip Williams Candy Shop for boardwalk favorites like candy apples, cotton candy and fudge. 

Coney Culture

Coney Island is overflowing with history. If you want to learn more, visit The Coney Island Museum for only five dollars per person with historic collections and rotating exhibits. For art lovers (and Instagramers) check out Coney Art Walls sixty-eight murals and wall projects by world leading street and graffiti artists. And in June, experience the nation’s largest art parade – the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade. 

Brighton Nightlife

If you want to stick around for nightlife, you may want to consider Coney Island’s neighbor, Brighton Beach (also known as Little Odessa for it’s Russian roots). Vegas-style floor shows are paired with Russian eats at Brighton’s glitzy Tatiana supper club. But if the nightlife isn’t for you and you’re exhausted from a day of sun and surf – dine, swim, and relax at a Russian Bathhouse. 

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Growing up in New Jersey, Lindsey Leardi frequented New York City with her family. Her father grew up in Brooklyn, her mother in Staten Island, and now her sister now lives in Park Slope. Lindsey is an Architectural Coordinator with passion for blogging and travel planning.

Lindsey Leardi

Lindsey Leardi