New York: The Perfect Getaway for Health Nuts with Wanderlust

New York is one of the most popular states in America. The old-time nickname for NYC, ‘The Big Apple’, might allude to a healthy destination for the sake of this post. The bustling city that never sleeps has plenty to offer when it comes to healthy options that you may not have realized. New York attracts all types of people from all over the world. This gives opportunity to explore diverse health and wellness services across the city.

Opportunity for Movement 

Prepare to bring your comfiest shoes because you will probably be walking or biking throughout the city. New York has accessible transit systems and bike lanes, making it easy to get around the city. You can walk the streets of Manhattan or catch the Metro to a restaurant. You can even bike over the Brooklyn bridge to catch some amazing scenery. If you are looking for more intense movement, there are plenty of workout options to choose from depending on your interests. 

  • Tone House is the spot to go if you want to train like a professional. They provide team-oriented classes that teach routine, sports training, recovery and nutrition. They also offer intense outdoor training classes. Tone House has you covered for any target goal in mind. 
  • SLT– Strengthen Lengthen Tone is a new-age Pilates and strength training combination that can help you unlock muscles you never knew you had. Classes are taught on a Megaformer machine for 50-minutes of targeted, isolated movement. 
  • SoulCycle is an action packed spin class that will give you the best cardio workout. Every workout is a party. These classes are held in a dark room with upbeat music led by an instructor who is choreographing your workout. In fall/winter sessions, some SoulCycle locations offer outside classes. 

Recover Efficiently 

New York has some of the best wellness treatments and modalities in the United States. After all the walking you’ll do from exploring the city, it may be best to get loose, stretch your muscles and enter recovery mode. Restorative fitness treatments can help you reset while IV therapy treatments in NYC can help rehydrate and destress your body. 

  • HigherDose is a revolutionary way to achieve recovery from infrared therapy. Infrared therapy helps with detoxification, recovery, pain relief, cell health and improved circulation. At HigherDose you can book a sauna session that is targeted to release happy chemicals in your brain, or get wrapped up in an infrared blanket and sweat like you’ve had the heaviest workout ever. 
  • Stretch*d is an assisted stretching, flexibility and recovery studio. Stretching is an important process to muscle recovery that can reduce the time you feel in pain. The expert trainers at Stretch*d are dedicated to help you with all of your self-care needs. 
  • ivee delivers at-home health and wellness services, including expertly formulated IV therapy. IV treatments are effective in hydration straight to the bloodstream as well as offering a nutrient boost. Plus, ivee’s mobile nurses come straight to you with concierge delivery, making IV therapy in NYC as simple as ordering a cab.

Fuel Yourself with Quality Nutrition 

You will never run out of food options, no matter where you are in New York. You may have heard of New York-style pizza being amazing but there is more to the food than just the doughy-tomato goodness. The city’s diverse population makes it one of the best places to find authentic food — including vegan, vegetarian, and health-sensitive options. Here are just a few. 

  • Divya’s Kitchen is Ayurvedic cuisine taken to the next level. You won’t find bland kale or mixed tofu here. This vegetarian-based restaurant might be one of the healthiest food spots in New York but with the most delicious intent inmind. 
  • Le Botaniste follows the motto “food is thy medicine”. This restaurant is completely plant-based, with the entire menu having organic and gluten-free options. They are also the first plant-based organic restaurant to be CO2 Neutral certified. 
  • Bareburger will introduce you to the best organic burgers around. This restaurant has grass-fed, hormone-free meats like beef, bison and turkey. Their buns and wraps are also plant-based and seasoned. 

Get Your Zen On

Some less intense wellness classes might be more your taste if you are looking to zen out and meditate your mind, body and spirit. If you are looking to stay your healthiest, a good mix of working out and low-intensity training can help you reach your full potential. 

  • Yo BK also offers one-of-a-kind outdoor, in-studio and online hot yoga and pilates classes. There is a class style and focus on anything you can think of, from HIIT weights pilates to Yin style yoga. 
  • Salvation Wellness is a CBD massage spa and Mediation Center. They offer a wide variety of classes including 1:1 Sessions, in-person, group, virtual classes. Each therapist is extensively trained to guide in comprehensive meditation and healing. Their meditation strives to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and anger. 
  • VerseFit Training is a mix of low-intensity training that emphasizes the importance of the mind and spirit. They offer outdoor classes, in-person, 1:1 sessions, virtual consultations and virtual training. VersaFit wants you to feel more connected and controlled about your body by being well-rounded. 

Rest and Unwind 

Lastly, if you want a healthy way to relax and unwind with no movement involved, pamper yourself at a day spa. Take a day to relax from your busy adventurous life and explore the spas New York has to offer. 

  • The Well is a modern wellness club in the heart of New York City. They specialize in the use of Western medicine and Eastern healing. They have built a science-based community for the optimal promotion of wellness. Their services include a full spa, acupuncture, hormone panels, and even a kitchen that provides clean, locally-sourced food. 
  • Aire Ancient Baths is located in Tribeca. This unforgettable experience features various baths with different water temperatures that allude to the ancient times of the Roman, Greek and Ottoman traditions. These baths aid in water relaxation therapy and offer a unique atmosphere of relaxation. 
  • Williamsburg Beauty Spa is located in Brooklyn. This spa emphasizes their use of high-quality organic products. This spa offers unique facials, pedicures, manicures and massages. One of their unique highlights is their ProCELL therapy procedure which stimulates growth of new cells and collagen of the skin. You will be feeling refreshed and youthful after a visit to their spa. 

New York is one of the best cities to endlessly explore. You can easily exhaust yourself from walking the city all day and focus on self-care relaxation the next. With all the activities, food and wellness services, there’s never a dull moment for the wanderlust-filled health nut!

About the Author

Chandler Sullivan is a recent 2020 psychology graduate who works full-time as a technical writer. In her free time, she enjoys reading, working out, enjoying the sun and playing with her dogs and cat. She is very passionate about professional writing and loves to help readers connect to diverse content. Chandler currently lives in Milwaukee but is in love with all things New York.

Chandler Sullivan

Chandler Sullivan