Best Ways to Have Fun in Diamond Bar, CA

Once a suburb of Los Angeles and now a city, Diamond Bar offers its residents a comfortable suburban life but with all the perks of a full-on city. It has become one of the most relaxing places to live in California. Apart from schools with excellent ratings and many business opportunities, this city also scores relatively high on the entertainment scale. Here are the best ways to have fun in Diamond Bar, CA, whether you are a tourist, a passerby, or a resident. 

Give yourself a good hike along the Diamond Bar Loop

Walking is extremely good for your health – said every doctor ever. And Diamond Bar has its trial to challenge you with. It is not a difficult trail, so not being in good form will not do as an excuse. This hiking trail goes in a loop that is 2.4 km long, and it takes a bit over 40 min to finish. You should know that there is hardly any shade, so an SPF and some head protection are necessary. Don’t forget the camera because this loop provides some awesome views. Besides, you will want to capture the memories to remind you of the fun times you had here. 

For absolute relaxation, go to the Massage Envy Spa 

After an active day, your body and mind deserve some pampering. In Diamond Bar, a great place to get the ultimate relaxation therapy is the Message Envy Spa. There you can get all sorts of massages that will rid you of all minor aches and pains that have been bothering you. This place will offer you a personalized approach if you have some special requirements. Facials are also on the menu here, as one should never neglect the skin. Last but not least, at this spa, you can get stretching therapy that is beneficial in many ways. 

So, if you are a new resident in this city, after tiresome activities that have to do with relocation, head to the Massage Envy Spa and give your body the reset it deserves. Of course, if you hire professional movers, it’s a whole different story. Experts can get you here with minimum effort on your side, in which case hitting the spa can serve more as a psychological preparation for the new life that awaits you.   

Frank & Son Collectible Show is heaven for memorabilia collectors

The difference between kids’ and grown-ups’ toys is that the latter are called collectibles. Kidding aside, this is a fantastic place for people that have made a hobby of collecting special items from movies and comics. Just a 7-minute ride away from the center of Diamond Bar, the Frank & Son Collectible Show is a gathering of vendors of various TV franchise memorabilia and comic-book collectors’ items. You can find a piece that your collection is missing or an entire passion for collecting stuff. Alternatively, you can walk around the warehouse where this unusual sale takes place and admire the unique merchandise. The selection is vast, ranging from Pokémon to the Avengers squad. 

There are also horror movie masks, sports legends, DVDs, and many others. It is safe to say there’s something for everyone. You only need to look closely enough. So, if you have time and like exploring the unusual, head to this show, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

If you are a collector that wants to have fun in Diamond Bar, CA, you shouldn’t miss the Frank & Son Collectible Show.

One of the ways to have fun in Diamond Bar is to explore different cuisines of the world

Considering the size of Diamond Bar and the number of its inhabitants, the diversity of this city’s food scene is incredible. To name a few, here are some of the restaurants you can start your food adventure with:

  • Ginkgo Katsu. If you haven’t tried Japanese cuisine, here’s the perfect place to do it. Katsu is a Japanese dish that consists of bread crumbs covered meat that is then fried and served with a sauce. By the way, Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world, and even if you are traveling with a small child, you can visit this restaurant. Experts advise that parents get their children to adopt healthy eating habits as early as possible, and exploring healthy cuisines in exciting restaurants is one way to do it. 
  • S & J Gran Café. For a tasty mouthful of Mexican delights. What defines this venue is its devotion to the customers, cozy, family-oriented atmosphere, and a reasonably wide menu. You will undoubtedly be more than satisfied if you order their delicious huevos con chorizo or chilaquiles.
  • Native Fields. This restaurant is another one that offers healthy food. It was founded by two sisters in honor of their late father. What sets this one apart is that food served there is prepared only with GMO and pesticide-free ingredients. Also, they use products from local vendors in California that sell locally grown, clean food ingredients. It doesn’t get healthier than that, and it is fun to see how tasty a clean diet can be. 

An unlimited amount of excitement awaits at Raging Waters

A water park called Raging Waters is just 7 kilometers away from the city center. It’s the perfect example of having fun in Diamond Bar, CA, and getting your adrenalin fixed. They say we should try an adrenaline-rush activity at least once in our lifetime. Therefore, when in Diamond Bar, head to Raging Waters, the largest water park in California with more than a fair share of the adrenaline rides to offer. There are many slides of various intensity levels, relaxation areas, and bars where one can take a break. Those that like shopping will be happy to hear that there are a few stores with unusual merchandise, mostly related to water activities. All in all, a fantastic place to spend hot sunny days. 

Bottom line

Even though you can classify it as a smaller city, Diamond Bar’s charm is undeniable, and so is its capacity to entertain. There are ways to have fun in Diamond Bar, CA, so if that is your destination, you’re in for a fabulous time. 

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