7 Activities Worth Adding To Your Bucket List

If you’re someone who’s still not sure what you want to do or achieve in life, perhaps it’s time to create a bucket list. A bucket list is essentially a catalog of things that you want to accomplish before you kick the bucket, hence the term.

Most people will put places they wish to travel to on their bucket lists while others will note hobbies they’ve always wanted to try.

Whatever those things are, the purpose of such a list remains the same: helping people determine what they want in life, giving them a sense of direction, making the most of their vacation, and motivating them to meet those goals.

Below are some activities worth putting onto your bucket list to help you get started or add to your existing catalog to keep you motivated.

Learn How To Cook a Dish From Every Country

Whether you’re a foodie, someone who loves cooking, or want to expand your culinary knowledge, this activity is an ideal addition to your bucket list. Learning how to cook at least one dish from every country allows you to discover cuisines and flavors that might be new to you.

This activity will also help you learn more about different cultures, beliefs, traditions, and the history of people from different parts of the world through their dishes. The burst of new flavors can even help you get kids to eat green foods.

What’s more, you’ll learn new techniques and practices that you can apply while creating delicious meals at home.

Try an Extreme Sport

Getting into an extreme sport might seem intimidating, but it’s a worthwhile activity that can give you a different kind of rush — one that makes your heart race or instill unexplainable tranquility. Such an activity strengthens your mentality and can even boost your confidence.

Trying an extreme sport is also a good way to improve your overall health. It prompts you to move all the time, use all your muscles, and pushes you to build your stamina.

Ride an Extreme Roller Coaster

If extreme sports are a little too much, but you still want to try a thrilling experience, consider riding an extreme roller coaster instead. It will give you the rush of doing intense physical experiences while keeping you in a relatively safe and controlled environment.

This activity combines the thrill of experiencing speed with the sensation of facing your fears — a unique feeling that can only be described as positive emotional stress and that riding an extreme roller coaster can bring.

Go on an Impromptu Road Trip

Unplanned adventures always bring the best experiences and memories, so why not add a sudden road trip to your list? This activity allows you to break away from your day-to-day routine and get out of your comfort zone by doing something spontaneous.

A sudden adventure also allows you to meet new people, hear unheard stories, and experience new things that you might not encounter on a planned road trip. You might even discover a new favorite place as you drive with no particular destination in mind.

See Your Favorite Artists Perform Live

If you’ve never seen your favorite artist sing, dance, or act in person, then you should add that to your bucket list right now. The music you listen to or shows you watch is a part of who you are, and seeing the people who make those things come to life will make you appreciate them even more. 

Seeing your favorite in the flesh is an incomparable feeling, and some might even say it feels like a dream. What’s more, being at a show is a good place to find people and meet new friends who like the same things as you do.

Climb a Mountain

This activity is the ideal addition to your bucket list if you want to do something that will make you feel closer to nature. Being in a majestic landscape and hearing the sounds of a natural environment will remind you that you are part of a beautiful world.

The hours-long ascend to the mountain top also allows you to think about life and put things into perspective. There will be ups and downs along the trail — similar to how life has its good and bad moments.

And when you reach the peak, you will feel an overwhelming sense of happiness and satisfaction as you take in the view before you and realize that all your hardships and accomplishments are worth it.

Explore Your Country First, and Then the World

There is a lot you might not know about your beloved country, so exploring it is an excellent way to increase your knowledge. Traveling to various regions allows you to experience and learn about cultures that are different from your own — even if it’s in the same nation.

But the importance of exploring your country, before traveling the world, is that it can help you better understand and appreciate the land you grew up in. It also strengthens your love and pride for your homeland.


It’s difficult to live life to the fullest, especially if you don’t know what you want. That’s why most people make a bucket list. It gives them a sense of direction and a feeling of  satisfaction as they cross off experiences they never thought they would encounter.

However, don’t be afraid of not crossing off every item on your bucket list. What matters is that you tried and had fun while doing the things that you did.

Bash Sarmiento

Bash Sarmiento



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