Top 10 Fun Things to do in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has been NYC’s hotspot for years. It’s not only a popular livable borough but also a tourist attraction worth visiting. Travelers from all around the world pack their travel blogs with tons of articles describing Brooklyn spots. Why? Because in Brooklyn, there’s always more to discover. A day here is anything but dull. If you wonder what this amazing place has to offer, continue reading this article to find fun things to do in Brooklyn! Your visit to NYC’s most favored borough will be memorable.

1 – Enjoy the view from Brooklyn Bridge

Famous Brooklyn Bridge isn’t just one of Brooklyn’s finest attractions but also one of the main symbols of NYC. This is where you can feel the authentic vibe of NYC and enjoy the fantastic, picturesque architecture. 

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Capt: Don’t forget to take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.

2 – Stroll down the Brooklyn promenade for a mesmerizing waterfront view

The best thing about Brooklyn is that there are many free things to do here. You don’t have to spend anything to have a top-level experience. All you need is a camera, and you’re good to go! You can capture lots of beautiful scenery at the promenade and get to know New Yorkers better.

3 –  Have fun at Coney Island

Do Luna Park and movie nights by a beach sound great to you? If so, then Coney Island is your kind of fun. Get an adrenaline rush while riding a rollercoaster, eat something tasty, and spend time at the beach with our crew! Coney Island is packed with people, especially during summer. So make the most out of your vacation time in Brooklyn, and go to Coney Island.

4 –  Relax in Brooklyn parks

What makes Brooklyn unique are green surfaces. Brooklyn folks often go to Prospect Park or Brooklyn Bridge Park to take a break from fast-paced city life. There’s always someone in the parks –  families with kids and pets, people jogging, groups of friends having a picnic, etc. Photographers also spend lots of time there, taking perfect shots and capturing beautiful scenery. Another stunning and tranquil place is also Brooklyn Botanical Garden. You’ll have to purchase the tickets to get in and witness gorgeous plant species you’ve never dreamed of seeing.

5 –  Book a guided city tour 

If you prefer guided city tours, then search for experienced local guides who know every corner of their place of residence. There’s an ongoing trend that has changed the concept of tours. Instead of a tour through mainstream places, you can explore many other hidden gems. So, go for local guides and check their tour prospect.

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Capt: Book a  tour guided by the locals who can tell you about other fun things to do in Brooklyn.

6 – Pay a visit to the Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn is an urban part of NYC with a rich cultural scene. Some of the most unusual exhibitions can be found at the Brooklyn Museum –  from ancient Egyptian artwork to contemporary artifacts. The official website offers more information about upcoming exhibitions and installations.

7 – Go to a concert or a party

Have you dreamed of going to a concert or party in an abandoned warehouse? Well, Brooklyn has what you need! The famous Brooklyn Warehouse hosts concerts and underground parties that won’t be easy to forget. So, check what’s on offer, get the tickets, and have a blast!

8 – Make your own pub crawl

Don’t leave Brooklyn without experiencing its pub life. Rest assured, you are more than likely to have a unique pub crawl. It’s impossible not to visit at least a few of them! Brooklyn pubs serve excellent beers and drinks, have a unique vibe, and gather laid-back people. Here are some of the many pub recommendations you’d like:

  • North Pole Pub
  • Maison Premiere 
  • Sunken Harbor
  • Sunny’s

9 – Eat out as Brooklyn folks do

The dining experience in Brooklyn is something else, starting with Time Out Market NYC. You may try the delicious fried chicken, pizzas, burgers, and fluffy pancakes there. Besides incredible food, you’ll enjoy the view of the Manhattan skyline.

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Capt: Brooklyn has lots of excellent eateries.

If you want a lovely food excursion, head to Industry City once you get hungry again. Shopping and dining are one of a kind there as well. 

10 – Head over to DUMBO

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, also known as DUMBO, is another hotspot in Brooklyn worth visiting. It includes lots of unique eateries, a flea market, and more. It’s home to Jacques Torres Chocolate shop, one of the first businesses that emerged since the revitalization of this part of Brooklyn. Furthermore, DUMBO is popular among contemporary artists who regularly exhibit at Klompching Gallery.

Undoubtedly, DUMBO is an example of revitalization done right. Once an industrial area, it is now a major tourist attraction and one of the signature areas of Brooklyn. 

In case Brooklyn inspires you to pack your bags and move…

Once you go to Brooklyn, you never turn back. If this happens to you, rest assured you’re not the only one. Currently, Brooklyn is one of the most sought-after moving destinations in NYC. People of different ages and occupations come there to begin a new life chapter. 

Research conducted by the team at shows that Brooklyn is the best NYC borough that offers so much. The employment rate is high, housing is affordable in most areas, and there’s always something to do, see, and take a picture of! So, wait no more and search for a moving company to handle your relocation to Brooklyn. Thanks to online databases with reputable  NYC’s best movers, it’s easier than ever to connect with the company that has all your needs met.

Final thoughts

These are just some reasons you should add Brooklyn to your bucket list or choose it as your next home. The actual list of fun things to do in Brooklyn is much longer. Time spent in Brooklyn won’t be wasted. And finally, you’ll feel like you belong there no matter your cultural background.

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