The Importance of Using Your Vacation Time

It’s easy for our responsibilities to become primary in our lives. 

From working to managing a household to raising children to nurturing a romantic relationship, all of what life encompasses can make it hard just to be present and enjoy it. Unfortunately, life can also be stressful, inciting mental, physical, and emotional challenges that hamper genuine happiness. 

Fortunately, there are various things you can do to make living healthily and enjoying life a priority, like using the vacation time you’ve accrued through work. Let’s explore why using your vacation time from work is essential. 

Partake in Self-Care 

Many people put themselves on the back burner and make work the most important thing in their lives. As a result, their physical health isn’t where it should be. In addition, they neglect their mental health and don’t even consider their emotional well-being. 

Vacations are an excellent way to work self-care into your life. You can start by taking a self-care reset trip after a life-altering event, like a divorce or a death in the family. Self-care is vital for events like these because they’re particularly taxing on your holistic health. And when you’re holistic health isn’t intact, it adversely affects your work and personal life. 

So, when life takes an unexpected turn, it’s the perfect time to use your vacation days to navigate the circumstances healthily. Also, you can use a digital planner to schedule self-care activities you want to do while you’re on vacation. This will help ensure that self-care remains the focus and ultimate purpose of your trip. 

Improve Your Mental Health 

According to these statistics by Zippia, “More than half of employees (54%) with paid time off have used sick time to take a mental health day in the past year, although they don’t report the reason to their boss.”

This statistic shows how important staying mentally well is, and also that employees are still hesitant to be loud and proud about it at work. In an effort to normalize nurturing your mental health in the workplace, use your vacation time for that exact reason. Whenever you need to show your mind extra love and care, take a vacation. 

Combat Burnout 

Burnout is almost guaranteed when you work with little to no intentional time off during the year. Burnout is a persisting feeling of exhaustion that keeps you overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to perform your job responsibilities well. 

When you feel burnout creeping up, you can combat it with a vacation. Even if you stay close to home, taking time off will help you ensure burnout doesn’t take you away from your work or your life. 

Better Your Work Performance 

There are many reasons why people don’t use their vacation time. Wanting to show that you’re dedicated to your job is one of the biggest. However, when you work every day of the year, managers may see it as productive initially, but your declining performance will show them otherwise. 

Use your vacation days because time off is proven to better your performance at work. You get to rest and reset mentally, which allows you to return to work with renewed enthusiasm, dedication, and passion. 

Immerse Yourself in Culture 

One of the best parts of any vacation is the cultures and communities you immerse yourself in. Every place and its people are different. They live, love, communicate, and connect differently. When you learn to appreciate the differences we all possess, the world opens up for you. 

Diversity and inclusion are just as crucial for the success of your personal life as they are for flourishing in your professional life. So, take vacations to immerse yourself in as many cultures and communities as possible. 

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

Another reason to use your vacation time is that it’s an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. When you get out of your comfort zone, you find out more about yourself. It can also incite tremendous growth because you’re doing things you never thought you could or would. 

Use your vacations to learn and discover new passions. And bring the confidence you acquire back to work to do even better in your role. 

Because You Earned It 

It’s essential to use your vacation time because you earned it. It can and should be that simple. Each day you spend at work, you accrue more vacation time. After all the days you’ve dedicated to your job, why not reward yourself with time off you’ve earned fair and squarely?

Most companies don’t allow vacation time to roll over into the following year. So, don’t work hard to let your vacation days expire. Instead, use them proudly and remind yourself that you’ve earned them. 


Using your vacation time from work is critical for mental, physical, and emotional wellness. It will also help you combat burnout and improve your work performance. Choose your next destination and prep for your next vacation to ensure it’s the most fulfilling experience possible.

Beau Peters

Beau Peters