7 Tips for Making the Ultimate Weekend Trip To Austin

Going to Austin for a weekend can be just enough time to visit all the main hotspots and enjoy delicious local food for every meal there. Austin has everything from fantastic nightlife to a variety of different cuisines. The art and music scenes are incredible, and there are plenty of outdoor sports you can take part in while you are in Austin. This city offers so many activities that will keep you entertained during your stay, making the ultimate weekend trip to Austin easy to plan. 

1. Plan your trip to Austin ahead

Making an itinerary for any weekend trip means we can make the most out of our time there instead of wasting time wandering around and thinking about where to go. Plan how you’ll travel to Austin and where you’ll stay first. After doing so, make a list of all the things you want to see and experience while here. We recommend going to Austin in the spring, as summers in Texas can get really hot. Austin is walkable, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on transportation. You can walk, bike, share a ride, or take a public bus wherever you need to be. 

2. Find the perfect location for your stay

It’s not difficult to find an excellent place to stay in Austin. You don’t have to limit your search to rooms in hotels and motels; you can use the internet to find homes people rent out to Austin visitors. This way, you won’t just save money, but you’ll also have a larger number of options and be able to experience Austin more as a local than a tourist. 

You’ll be able to see why people travel long distances from all over the country to move to Austin. The hustle of a long-distance move is worth it when the location is this beautiful. Hiring professionals to handle the move can make the moving process easier no matter how far away you are moving from. You’ll be able to settle down here stress-free and spend more time getting to know the neighborhood. Who knows, you might make new friends before you even finish moving! 

Enjoy the local barbecue to experience life in Austin fully.

3. Try popular Austin foods 

Being in Austin means tasting some of the best barbecues the world has to offer. You’ll never go hungry with so many different food options. Local restaurants’ juicy ribs and brisket will make your trip to Austin worthwhile. Another thing Austin is well-known for is its great local Tex-Mex food. Chili con carne, enchiladas, and tamales are just some of the many famous dishes you’ll find here. To fully experience the food scene in this area, go on a food and wine tour and taste the best meals and wines here. 

4. See the amazing artwork in Austin

The highlight of Austin is most definitely the artwork. One of the most notable art features is street art, which primarily consists of gorgeous murals done by local artists. This is a fun, free activity on which you can spend an afternoon walking through this beautiful city. Austin’s museums and galleries have a lot to offer as well. It’s an excellent educational activity to enjoy, especially if the weather is not great. This is the ideal weekend destination for any art enthusiast.

You can make this an ultimate weekend trip to Austin just by enjoying the nightlife.

5. Enjoy the Austin nightlife

It’s easy to make new friends in Austin. People are friendly, and many tourists also want to meet new people. It’s a great idea to socialize and find people to go bar-hopping with you on a Saturday night during your stay. You’ll get to experience the Austin nightlife even better. And what better way to enjoy your ultimate weekend trip to Austin? However, if nightclubs aren’t your thing, go to a pub or a coffee shop to hang out and take a break from all the activities. 

The music scene is just as great as the art scene, with many concerts being held throughout the year and local musicians playing in the pubs and clubs. No matter if you prefer a good night out or a relaxed evening in a coffee shop, this city has a lot of fun and beautiful places to offer for a weekend getaway. 

6. Explore the unique entertainment this city has to offer

Have you ever been on a ghost tour of a city? If you haven’t, now’s your chance. This unique tourist attraction will be the best experience you’ll have in Austin, especially if you are a big fan of Halloween and all things spooky. Speaking of which, Austin is most famous for its bats. So much so that there is a bat observation center you can visit. You can make this experience even better by watching them directly from the river on a rented boat. 

The city offers scavenger hunts and brewery tours as well. If you want to move to Austin, you’ll be pleased to know that you can find affordable housing close to everything you need, including entertainment. Professionals from Evolution Moving suggest planning your move carefully, especially if you are moving long-distance to Austin. Working with professional movers will help you stay relaxed in an otherwise stressful change. 

Austin offers many outdoor activities.

7. Take part in outdoor activities

The fantastic, warm weather means a lot of available outdoor entertainment and amenities for tourists and locals. Many sporting activities take place on the water. Paddle-boarding and kayaking are some of them. It’s a fun and unique way to see the city while exercising at the same time. There is also a water park and a swimming pool you can go to. If you are feeling adventurous, you can go zip lining. Besides that, you can enjoy the weather and beautiful nature by going for a hike or having a picnic in the park. 

Final thoughts

Austin is a great city, whether you just want a weekend trip away or are looking to find a new place to call home. The extraordinary nature, great people, and many activities make this one of the most desirable places. Plan your trip and visit the most popular hotspots to make this the best, ultimate weekend trip to Austin you’ll remember forever. 

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