A Senior’s Guide to Fun and Safe Travel

There are some seniors out there who think that since they have approached their elder years, they should be staying home to do puzzles and babysit the grandkids. While those activities may be fun from time to time, you need to look at the perfect situation that you find yourself in. You are likely retired, your kids are all grown up, and you’ve got some extra money to spend. 

Go have fun! This is the perfect chance to plan a trip across the state or across the globe so you can create new memories and take advantage of your senior years. Let’s talk about how to have fun and stay safe during your travels.

Smart Planning Is Key

Properly planning your trip is important at any age, but as a senior, you likely have a few other considerations to keep in mind. For instance, if you take medication, then you will want to make sure that you bring what you need and keep it organized so you don’t run out. An easy idea that many people try is finding and maintaining a pill organizer that will tell you what pills to take and when. Another idea is to set alarms on your smartphone so you are reminded of when you need to take your pills.

As a senior, you may also be vacationing on a budget, so you will also want to manage your money. While you are looking at potential destinations, review the cost of lodging, events, and food, and determine if it fits in your budget. If not, consider saving to go next year. There are also ways that you can save money, such as taking a trip during the off-season, which is typically during the winter or fall months. You could also book your trip using your credit card, as they often offer rewards and discounts for hotels and flights.

If you have any disabilities or limitations then you will want to plan with those in mind as well. Many seniors like the idea of visiting an amusement park like Disney World, but if you use a wheelchair, then you may find that the park is not accessible enough to really enjoy your time. Also, if you plan to fly, then you will likely need to call them and check in ahead of time, so airport personnel can set up the storage of your wheelchair and get you on the plane safely. 

Fun Activities To Do At Any Destination

Sure, you may not be able to go rock climbing or snowboarding, but there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy during your travels. For instance, if you are going on vacation to a new place or a beach, then you could consider buying or renting a metal detector and see what you might discover. Many seniors enjoy metal detecting because doing it helps to keep your mind focused and alert as you wait for the signal that you have found treasure. Plus, it gets you out of your chair and moving for that essential physical activity.

There are also plenty of activities and vacation ideas to enjoy, even if you have limited mobility. A great idea is to take an ocean or river cruise that will allow you to explore new places and see amazing scenery without needing to get up and walk. The great thing about a cruise ship is that you have everything from pools to stores all on the boat, so you can have a blast without having to step foot back on land.

Wherever you go, there are bound to be many activities that are enjoyable and accessible to all guests. Research your destination ahead of time and look for museums and art galleries that you can visit and admire. The beauty of going to new places is that there is always something new to do, from admiring historical buildings and enjoying wine tastings to watching live shows in public parks. Enjoy the sights, but also take time to relax.

Consider A European Getaway

It is not uncommon for many seniors to look back on their lives and think about all the experiences that they have wanted to try but never had the opportunity, like traveling overseas to Europe or another exotic country. Now that you are not tied down, this is the perfect opportunity to see what you have missed. 

Consider taking a longer trip where you go to multiple countries and see the amazing sights, from the Louvre Museum and Stonehenge to the Colosseum. Revel in the amazing architecture, talk to some locals, and take plenty of pictures for the grandkids. Many experts recommend that seniors visit France or Italy due to the friendly locals, nice temperatures, and the abundance of fun activities for any traveler.

If you have never been to Europe, then you may be concerned about getting lost or missing out on great tourist stops. If that is the case, then consider taking a bus tour that will stop at all of the hot spots. You can also hire a travel guide to accompany you along the way. This expert will speak the language and know exactly where to go to show you a good time. Plus, they will keep you safe from local scams so you can travel with confidence.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to travel during your senior years. Consider the travel tips and advice mentioned here, and you will have a fun and safe adventure. 

Beau Peters

Beau Peters