4 Other Ways To Travel Besides By Plane

Traveling to beautiful locations is on everyone’s bucket list. In fact, recent surveys by American Express Travel have found that up to 62% of respondents are planning to travel more in the near future. That said, while seeing more of the world seems to be a shared dream, what ideal travel looks like is subjective. While riding a plane may fit the fantasy of many travelers, many may be wondering what other travel options are out there.

From the oceans to the mountainsides, here are four more ways to travel for those looking for more immersive and unique options.

1. On Luxury Ocean Journeys

Travel by Ocean on a Luxury Cruise

Traveling on the open ocean can lead to unforgettable experiences even before you get to your destination. As seen on Explora Luxury Cruises, upscale ocean journeys include exclusive on-ship offerings. These include sophisticated dining options from various cuisines, spas, wellness programs, unlimited beverages, specialty spirits, and high-speed internet access. The ships also dock at select ports around the world, so you can easily access some of the most picturesque coasts and townships. These include the UNESCO-protected fjords in Scandinavia and the romantic villages of the Mediterranean. Since these journeys are also meticulously designed, travelers can enjoy specially curated itineraries. This allows you to enjoy your trip without any worrying or hassle.

2. On Cross-Country RV Rides

RV Travel

An iconic form of travel, RVing represents freeing and flexible adventures. With an RV you can explore some of the most beautiful roads and see your most desired locations in your own time. Since you are your own captain on an RV, you can plot your own route and travel at your own pace. A highly customizable travel option, RVing can be luxurious with high-end motorhomes or more bohemian with cozy attachable trailers. That said, while RV travel is a dream for many, the reality can be a bit pricey. As such, before you hit the open road it’s important to consider “How To Do RV Travel On A Budget”. Considerations like which campsite you want to stay in, how many conveniences you want to buy, or even how often you’ll need to shop for groceries can color your RV experience.

3. On Modern Bus Routes

Travel by Bus instead of Plane

Many novice travelers think of all buses as uncomfortable or grubby. But modern buses have been revamped to provide some of the most efficient and comfortable travel options today. On many buses, riders even have the option of booking their seats of choice. Depending on what you choose, you can enjoy roomy seats with refreshments and WiFi. That said, it’s still important to be extra mindful since bus rides can be quite tiring. For instance, buses on the Greyhound Lines are reliable but not the most deluxe. Thus, riders must be mindful of things like bringing their own blanket, eating ahead of time, and keeping an eye on their luggage. Aside from these, though, bus travel is relatively fast and inexpensive.

4. On Historic Train Trips

Travel by Train

Capable of weaving through picturesque landscapes, trains offer a glamorous refuge for slow travelers. Though there are many newer train lines today, several even feature train carriages that date back to the early 1910s. Lavish sleeper trains take the experience to the next level with their top-notch services and nostalgic interior design. Most first-class lodgings will include butler servicing, multi-course meals, and even access to formal wear dinners. Some of the most iconic include the Palace on Wheels in India and the Royal Canadian Pacific in Canada. While the former includes stops at places like the Taj Mahal, the latter has hosted many elites including Queen Elizabeth II.

Traveling comes in all forms, which is why there’s an experience for everyone. From more rustic road trips to more grand ocean journeys, there is a form of transportation that will best complement any traveler’s preference and vision. For more travel tips, guides, and updates, please see the Wild Bum blog.

Irene Hudson

Irene Hudson