Solo Travel: Redefined (Part Two)

I decided to turn these posts into a series of three. The first prior to my travels, the second during and the last will come after I’ve returned home. I wanted to reflect, mid-week, while this is all fresh in mind! And, what an experience it has been…more amazing than I could have ever imagined.

I will say – I am getting a glimpse of what female solo travelers must experience on a daily basis. A lot of concern – which of course is so kind and stems from a great place. However, I imagine it must get old very fast. And, while you might feel super confident about trekking around a town in another country by yourself – after hearing so many people tell you to be careful, it definitely creeps into your mind. However, let me share what I have experienced so far in my rendition of solo travel redefined part two…

Mom Traveling Solo

Getting to know yourself…

I was originally planning 5 days for this solo trip, but after realizing that I’d essentially loose a full day to travel on the front and back end, I extended it to a full week. I am so glad I did. This allowed me a few days to really get into my body. I knew, like every time my feet (+ soul) touch down in a new city, I experience a surge of energy. I want to see and do it all. I spent the first few days allowing myself time to explore, walk the streets early in the morning, before anyone else awoke. I shopped, hit a few yoga classes, found myself on the beach with an incredibly warm and lovely group of people for a music/chanting meditation. Nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. Now, at mid-week, my body feels ready to take it easy. Hunker down, get quiet, reflect. Write. Read. Relax. Be.

I thought this would feel scary. Is it uncomfortable at times? Sure. Perhaps I am a bit of an active junkie. That’s my high. I go-go-go. So, ‘being’ is a bit uncomfortable for me. At the same time, I know this is what I need. This is the opportunity to inquire within and discover parts of myself that I neglect during the busyness. I have been journaling for a few months now – every day. Here I journal and reflect while I listen to the waves crash against the shore, the birds chirping, the wind rustling the leaves of the lush, green jungle surrounding me. I watch as the ocean is both still and rapturous all at the same time. And, I come to the realization that that is how I want my life to feel: at peace and enraptured all at once.

Solo Travel Tips

Making new friends…

My great friend, Sam, who travels solo often reassured me that I would meet the most interesting people when traveling alone. There are boundless opportunities and an openness that happens almost organically when you aren’t with a travel partner, and I can now say that I’ve experienced this first hand. People are so kind. It is truly heart warming. I’ve now sat with people while we talk and enjoy a meal together. Sparked up conversation in a coffee shop. Made a few friends at yoga. The list goes on. And, it doesn’t matter if I will or won’t see these wonderful humans again – I am glad to know that they exist. We shared parts of our stories with one another and there’s a connection that somehow makes you feel less alone in the world.

I met someone who wants to start retreats of her own and we exchanged contact info so I can somehow support her on her journey. I met a woman who moved here two months ago with her family – embarking on a new way of life living abroad. I met a woman who is a traveling nurse and through her story I was able to find that music meditation on the beach, where I met another woman doing incredible work, very aligned with Wild Hive, in a small town nearby. She offered to show me around town if I make it there one day. The list goes on.

Point being, these connections cultivate joy in our lives. They take us out of our own heads and give us deeper perspective and a sense of belonging. It is so beautiful.

Benefits of Traveling Solo


Let me explain. I have already shared that I have been going through a bit of a disintegration. I am still unsure of what this process means, but I am doing my best to embrace the uncertainty and surrender to the journey.

I’ve been describing it as a metamorphosis. Oddly (or not) enough, every where I look here butterflies are flying all around me. It is as though they are reminding me that it will be ok. I am going through it and what comes will be quite glorious. Trust.

Life offers us so many opportunities to grow and stretch. We need the courage to step into it. The motivation for me to take this solo trip was less about treating myself. Don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing massage, I have enjoyed wonderful yoga practices and been filling my belly with delicious food. However, the true purpose was to get out of my comfort zone. To listen to a calling. To be with myself, by myself, doing something I have never done before. To empower and to discover more of who I am.

The butterflies are showing me the way.

Conclusion of this three part series…

I hope this is inspiring you to do something outrageous for yourself. Even if you aren’t going through a rebirth of your own – every one of us can live with more intention and connected deeper to our needs and desires. Traveling solo is quite liberating. Here’s your sign – take the leap.

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Mollie Krengel

Mollie Krengel