How To Avoid Sunburn And Eye Strain While Traveling This Summer

The sun is out—and so are the bodily conditions and problems that stem from it. Summer is supposed to be a fun time filled with traveling and hanging out with family and friends, but the effects of the sun can quickly ruin everything if we’re not careful enough. 

Don’t let the sun steal all of your joy as you travel this summer. Whether you’re going out on an excursion all by yourself or trying your hand at an extended travel vacation with your partner, make sure to protect yourself from sunburn and eye strain with the tips below!  

Protect Your Skin From Sunburn 

The last thing you want to get while traveling is a sunburn. It’s uncomfortable, and the pain can even be unbearable if you continue to expose your skin to the harshness of the sun without proper protection. 

Save yourself from a world of swelling and inflammation and prevent further skin damage and problems with these sun safety tips:

  1. Apply Sunscreen 

If there’s anything you shouldn’t forget when traveling anywhere, it’s sunscreen. SPF is your best friend, especially because you’ll be out and about during your vacation. Liberally apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 wherever you go. If you’re going to the beach or a pool, opt for a water-resistant sunscreen and remember to reapply immediately after exiting the water. 

Do you like wearing sandals or flip-flops? Avoid those weird-looking tan marks on the tops of your feet by putting sunscreen on them as well. For hard-to-reach places like your back, ask for someone to assist you. 

  1. Pack A Hat and Some UV Protective Clothing

Aside from wearing sunscreen, another great sun protection technique is to wear hats and clothes that cover up your body. Remember that not all clothes are made equally, as some do not block UV rays at all. Try to avoid wearing these kinds of clothing while traveling as much as possible and use ones that are UV protective instead. 

Additionally, complete your outfit with a wide-brimmed hat! Not only will it make you look fashionable, but it will also cover up the top of your head, neck, face, and ears. 

  1. Seek Shade 

When there’s shade, take advantage of it! Staying in the sun for long periods, especially during peak sunlight hours, will only hurt you. So when dining al fresco or taking a break from touring, look for shaded areas. 

Don’t forget to pack an umbrella if you’re at the beach. Water and sand reflect the sun’s rays which cause them to bounce back and strike your skin twice, doubling the damage. So, to protect yourself and your skin, spend as much time in the shade as possible. 

  1. If All Else Fails, Call Your Doctor 

Sometimes, even if we do everything to avoid sunburn or other problems or diseases caused by the sun, our skin will still suffer some damage. So, take it seriously if you ever get a bad sunburn while traveling.

Give your doctor or pediatrician a call and talk about your options and alternatives for additional sun exposure, as well as the things you can do for relief and treatment. 

Protect Your Eyes From Eye Strain 

Your skin is not the only thing those harmful UV rays will damage. In fact, your eyes have it way worse. Remember that they are ten times more sensitive to the sun and other elements than other parts of your body. 

When your eyes take in too much UV, you might end up experiencing macular degeneration, cataracts, significant damage to the skin around the eye area, and other problems. So, keep your vision clear and protect your eyes from the sun with these tips: 

  1. Wear Your Sunglasses 

If your skin needs sunscreen, your eyes need shades. Wear oversized sunglasses whenever you’re going outside—even when it looks dull outside due to an overcast. Keep in mind that UV rays can still penetrate clouds. 

Another thing to note is that the sunglasses you’re using should block 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB rays or offer UV absorption of up to 400 nm. 

  1. Moisturize Your Eyes 

Keep an eye drop handy when you need to treat those dry eyes and achieve instant relief. After all, summer is that season when eye dryness and irritation happen so often. 

Leaving this alone can result in pain and swelling, so remember to lubricate your eyes every so often. 

  1. Swim Carefully 

Swimming pools, lakes, and rivers can get contaminated with germs and microorganisms. Because of this, it is extremely dangerous to use contacts when swimming because the microbes may slip underneath your lenses and result in an infection.

Even though goggles might lessen contamination and discomfort, it’s still recommended to immediately rinse your eyes with fresh water after leaving the pool or other bodies of water. 

  1. Keep Sunscreen Out Of Your Eyes 

There’s always a good possibility that you’ll get sunscreen or bug spray in your eyes throughout the summer. So, whenever applying sunscreen around your face, do so carefully. Avoid your eyes and eyelids at all times. 

You can opt for mineral-based sunscreens as they stick to your skin and are less likely to irritate the eyes. If you do accidentally get sunscreen in your eyes, rinse them out right away with water.

Bonus Tip: Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Both your skin and eyes need all the hydration they can get. So drink plenty of water, especially on the hottest days of summer. 

Our eyes’ tear film often evaporates in hot weather. Therefore, loading up on extra water can assist your body in generating a healthy amount of tears. However, avoid caffeine and alcohol as they will only increase hydration. 

As for your skin, water removes toxins from your body, keeping it smooth and supple. 

Protect Your Eyes & Skin For A Summer You Won’t Forget! 

We’ve all heard it before, but it should always go without saying: prevention trumps scrambling for a cure. So take a proactive approach to skin and eye care this summer to make the most out of your travels! 

Should you encounter skin or eye issues along the way, don’t hesitate to call or visit your doctor or ophthalmologist for professional advice. 
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Bash Sarmiento

Bash Sarmiento