10 Most Scenic Hiking Trails in British Columbia

British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, is well-known for its divine natural beauty. The mountains, rainforests, breathtaking lakes, and marvelous cities are the reasons this part of Canada is exceptionally popular for tourists. There’s something for everyone. But, there are few things more attractive in BC than its exciting hiking trails. Every one of the scenic hiking trails in British Columbia is worthy of your bucket list. However, these ten are special in their own ways, and it would be a shame to go through a lifetime without visiting at least one of them. 

1# Mount Cheam

We wanted to start off strong, so we started with 5.7 miles of pure excitement. This hiking trail contains a breathtaking view of Cheam Peak. Even though more experienced hikers won’t find it too hard, it is considered a more challenging trail. One of the main challenges, though, would be reaching the trail in the first place. In order to do that, you’ll need a stable and strong 4×4 wheel ride. Besides that, you’ll spend approximately 3-4 hours breathing the fresh mountain air on the hike (if we don’t count the amount of time you’ll be breath-taken).

If you want to experience Mount Cheam the right way, you’ll need a good and strong drive to reach it.

2# Stawamus Chief Trail

This is the six-kilometer circular route that is located close to Squamish. It’s a very popular location for activities like:

  • rock climbing
  • hiking
  • camping

This track is most enjoyable to hike between the months of March and October. You can even bring your dog with you; however, ensure the leash is always there. 

3# Paul’s Tomb

In Kelowna’s Knox Mountain Park, this broad and simple track follows Lake Okanagan’s east side. A spectacular view of Knox and Paul’s Tomb will heal your body and your soul and make your travel completely worth it. A pebbly beach and a swimming area await you at the finish of the track. Also, a second viewpoint will take a little extra effort. But the amazing vistas of Kelowna are totally worth it.

4# Joffre Lakes

This out-and-back trek is 10.9 kilometers long, and it takes an average of 5 hours to finish the trail. Because this is such a popular location for activities like camping, hiking, and snowshoeing, you can expect to run across other people while you are out exploring. The hiking track is accessible any time of the year and is lovely to stroll along. However, your canine companions will have to stay home since they are not permitted on this hiking path.

5# Stanley Park

Don’t fret – there’s plenty of room for your furry friend in the Stanley Park. This amazing spot in Vancouver has numerous hiking trails with a variety of difficulty levels for everyone in the family. It’s absolutely perfect for activities like a little jog with your dog or just having fun with your whole family after moving to Vancouver. Professional movers suggest that this is the place to start if your family wants to explore BC together and enjoy its wonders right away.

Even the youngest members of your family can explore the scenic hiking trails in British Columbia

6# Helmcken Falls Rim Trail 

The astounding height of the fourth biggest waterfall in Canada is 141 meters, and it plunges into the Murtle River below. It is a sight truly unbelievable and unforgettable. You surely won’t get enough of it in just a few hours, so be sure to bring your camping gear with you and enjoy the experience under the stars. If you and your friends love spending time under the bare sky, this might be the unordinary but perfect place for an occasional girl’s getaway.

7# The Lions

Hikers who want to take The Lions Trail should bring an extra pair of lungs with them, but they will be richly rewarded with vistas of Howe Sound. Both traveling through the thick woodland and entering the Coast Range Alpine are breathtaking experiences. The good thing is that hikers who do not have climbing experience do not need to reach the peak in order to enjoy hiking in the Lions. 

8# Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail

Participate in an advanced, all-day walk that will take you into the wilderness. The landscape that the path meanders over is breathtaking. You will go through virgin woods, around glacier formations, and a variety of different streams and waterfalls. Also, you won’t be disappointed with the picturesque Neverland Lake that serves as a landmark at the trail’s terminus.

9# Panorama Ridge

This loop track is 28.3 kilometers long and is located close to Garibaldi. It is often considered a difficult route since it takes an average of 10 hours and 21 minutes to finish. Hiking, birdwatching, and camping are all highly popular activities in this region, and this path is most enjoyable to hike between the months of June and October. The one downside of this marvelous miracle of nature is that you’ll have to leave your dog behind since pets are not allowed on this track.

10# Dogtooth Travers (Golden)

We’ll finish this list with a route for veteran hikers only. Because there is not much of a track along this route, you should be prepared to do some navigating on your own. After a point of a gondola trip, those who are easily lost should consider turning back. This is quite a difficult path to traverse, but the scenery is breathtaking. Also, visiting this ski resort during the season can provide you with a fresh perspective on the allure of British Columbia’s mountain ranges. Just don’t forget all of your skincare products since the winter vacation here can take its toll on your faux.

If you’re not an experienced hiker, you can always enjoy some skiing.

Visit at least one of these scenic hiking trails in British Columbia

If none of these places were already on your bucket list—we hope we intrigued you enough to add at least some of them to it. Hiking trails are a gift of nature to us, and we should use them to their full potential. So, while making your vacation plans, make sure you include one of these scenic hiking trails in British Columbia this year. Feel the healing force of nature on your body and your soul firsthand. You won’t be disappointed.

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