Wild Bum’s February GA of the Month: Nikki Wang

Meet a member of Wild Bum’s global guide architect community: Nikki Wang. She is a Paris local and travel lover. We couldn’t think of a better GA of the month for February.

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

Hello, I am Nikki Wang, a Chinese-French girl who grew up between Beijing and Sydney, now living in Paris. 

Having worked in Finance for many years and traveling around the world for my job and my own thirst for discovery, I followed art history classes and wrote columns as a freelance contributor to different lifestyle media.

These various experiences led me to the most privileged happenings in the City of Light and nurtured my strong desire to share my secret find of Paris and exchange with the rest of the world.

I lived in all the hippest neighborhoods in Paris, le Marais, Canal st martin, Parc Monceau and Belleville, with time I accumulated a good knowledge and network of artists, galleries, designers, food shops, concept stores, cocktail bars, and other off-the-beaten-track addresses. I love Paris as a local but also as a tourist. And I have a strong passion to find the best-kept-secret and share my picks with the ones who are curious to discover the hidden gems and sensitive to culture and human contacts. 

What type of traveler are you?

I would definitely say I am an organized traveler! I am a super well-organized traveler, always checking google maps, different guides, and magazines before going and I try to book restaurants and museums I want to visit in advance so that there will be no bad surprises. But recently I learned to leave some spontaneity along the trip. Maybe there will be good surprises! 

Where have you been, and where has been your favorite place?

Gosh, where have I been? I have been to about 35 countries, my favorite destination is Greece. I am not even talking about Athens, Santorini, or Mykonos. There are so many small islands in Greece, even a totally unknown one is like a paradise. The people there have such a sincere and gracious character, even in financial and political crises, they never forget to laugh and dance whenever they can. One of my dream destinations is Namibia and Kenya region, to see the wildlife on safari is such a dream for me, I hope I can go there soon

Why did you decide to become a Guide Architect for Wild Bum? 

When I learned the existence of Wild Bum, I was immediately attracted by this concept and thought it is a great idea. It is very important to have a personal touch when we do things, such as traveling because a good trip is a very personal experience. And it would be great to find a person like yourself on the other side of the planet who shares his/her private choices and tell you some hints only local and insiders would know. 

I feel it is also about a community we can take part in, feel belong and connected. 

What guides have you created? Do you have any upcoming guides we can look forward to? 

Paris! For the moment I only have this one city, but that’s a city you need a lifetime to discover! 

Check out Nikki’s Paris guide right here.

What is one thing you CAN NOT travel without? 

If I say it would be my phone, will I get slammed? Although I guess we all need our phones for everything, camera, google map, google translation, Uber…

Then the second place will be my lipstick and perfume… I need to feel nice wherever I am, I don’t do big makeup in general, these 2 things will do the job 

What is something you enjoy about being part of this Wild Bum community? Why would you recommend Wild Bum to a friend? 

The positive energy and the joy are something I appreciate the most in the Wild Bum community. The team is super active, responsive, and passionate. It is precious to collaborate with someone who is passionate and happy about what they do. 

We are all about the #wildbumming movement, inspiring people to get out there and travel, use time-off to explore, and find their wild. Tell us, when do you feel the most “wild”

I remember I rolled over in the desert of Jordan,  got drunk on champagne while still floating on the dead sea…. and I “stole” mirabelle plum and rhubarb in someone’s garden in order to make a cake. Then, I sneaked into a super celebrity party in Barcelona pretending I was a french stylist… It was so much fun. I don’t know if it is “wild” enough but it was definitely something I have done because I was not in my usual place. The curiosity and excitement in a foreign environment motivate me to adventure. That’s why travel is beautiful, it definitely brings out your inner child and joy! 

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