Travel From Home: Prepare the Ultimate Multinational Dinner

If you are one of the many people missing travel right now, what better way to feel like you’ve gone to a new place from the comfort of home than to organize a multicultural evening with our friends and family. It will be a great idea not only to share and have a good time with our loved ones, but it is also a way to get to know and experience different flavors of the fantastic gastronomy we find around the world.

When organizing these types of events, it is important to understand more about what makes each culture special. From Germany to Japan, from France to Peru, and beyond, there are plenty of fantastic food and drink recipes to try and combine to become the best chefs and hosts!

Setting Up and Decorating The Dinner Table 

A great idea that we can implement in our multicultural dinner is to try adding some typical decorations of those countries from which we will be making dishes. It will give essence and experience closer to how it is lived in the place of origin. Here are some decorations you can use based on the individual location.

U.S.A.: Americans love flowers, especially in the springtime. So, a good idea for hosting a classic dinner is to put colorful flowers and some candles in the dining room to make a relaxed and warm atmosphere for your guests.

Italy: An Italian dinner table cannot miss a glass vase with breadsticks and sparkling mineral water served in a glass pitcher. In addition, to give your guests a rustic atmosphere, we can use a thick-cut wooden tablecloth and garlands of dried leaves.

France: Elegance represents the French culture, and their dinners are not an exception. Using crystal drinkware and metallic flatware can be a nice touch to start with. On the other hand, adding candles and a wine carafe to serve beverages can make your friends and family feel in a nice ambiance. It will be a good idea if you can find cheese and a couple of cold meats to offer at the entrance.

Mexico: Mexicans are known for being so colorful in all decorations, so the more color, the more it will feel like an authentic Mexican dinner. If you can get a Mexican sarape, it would give it a more authentic touch. On the other hand, Papel Picado can be another good element for the table. 

Germany: If you plan to add some German decorative details, use the traditional Bavarian colors (blue and white) to give it a more authentic touch. Germans enjoy simple decoration to add details such as carved wooden clocks and vibrant colors. Dress up your table with a blue tablecloth, then complement it with white dinnerware to recreate a custom German table setting.

Customs and Food By Country

English nights: One of the favorite dishes of the English people that you find in every corner when you visit the country is the famous Fish and Chips. It is usually accompanied by lemon and French fries. It is simple to prepare, and your guests will surely like it. On the other hand, we have the traditional Bangers and mash (or sausage and potatoes), a dish very loved by the English. Top the dish with some rich stout onion gravy to give it depth and a more robust flavor. Now, if the weather starts to get warm, the English people enjoy making a Sunday roast with roast beef served with potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and vegetables, all topped with gravy for a delicious finishing touch.

●    French nights: There is an excellent variety of French dishes and something for every palate. You can’t miss the famous tartiflette, a dish prepared with potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons, and onions if you are a cheese lover. On the other hand, you can also serve a dish called chicken confit as the main attraction, a salted, herb-seasoned cut of chicken breast slowly cooked in olive oil. 

●    Italian nights: Italy has a great variety that you and your guests will love if you like pasta. You can make anything from lasagna, gnocchi, fresh ravioli, or a more classic dish like the antipasti appetizer. You can include fresh olives, sliced meats, and cheeses served on a beautiful board. Add crusty bread slices or crackers to go with the dish.

●    Mexican nights: Mexican food is very varied and mostly spicy. Try combining different dishes in the center like empanadas, tostadas, or tacos. If you want to prepare something more traditional, a pozole is always a good option. Pozole is a prepared soup made of hominy that’s soaked overnight then cooked and served with herbs, spices, and vegetables like fresh chili and chopped onion. 

Entertainment and Board Games to Play

There is nothing better than playing some traditional games from different countries after a dinner party. Have fun with your guests try some of the following table games, and have a lovely evening.

● Catan is a German strategy game popular throughout Europe and the United States. Trade resources, establish holdings, and try to outsmart your opponent.

● For a U.S.A. dining night, you can play some of the most famous games like Risk, Pictionary, and why not Scrabble to have some fun.

● Backgammon, Checkers, and chess are some of the oldest games worldwide. These games are fun to play on any ​​occasion and age.

Classic Drinks For Your Multicultural Night

Each country has its typical drinks for all occasions. Here are some examples of glasses that you can offer according to the nation:

● A classic that never fails in any dinner is a good wine, either white or red, depending on the dishes offered. 

● Serve sparkling gin and tonic if you’re hosting a British dinner. This beverage is already well known all over the world, but it origins in British pubs.

● Other classic drinks include bourbon for U.S.A. dinner parties and tequila o Mezcal for Mexican dinners.

Whether you like the rich flavors of Mexican tacos or prefer a good Italian pasta, an international dinner is always an excellent way to learn more about other cultures and their traditions. Learn more about what each country has to show to the world and have a fantastic time with all your guests.

Pamela Tatam

Pamela Tatam