Italy Food Tour: What to Try Besides Traditional Pizza

The key features of Italian cuisine are formed due to the local climate and the natural products that each of the Italian regions is rich with. Almost every region in Italy boasts some kind of unique cuisine. For this reason, gastronomic tours in Italy are truly something unusual and original. The local cuisine makes acquaintance with Italy even more exciting.

Since Italy is known around the world for its varied and awesome pizza, many people forget that pizza is not the only traditional dish in Italy. What else is worth paying attention to, and what Italian dishes can turn your trip into a gastro tour? Below you will find the top 9 dishes that you definitely should try when traveling in Italy.

Top 9 Dishes You Must Try In Italy

So, what dishes should you try in this country? Don’t limit yourself to pizza and ice cream. There are interesting food options here that will enrich your gastro experience and make your visit to Italy even more memorable. To organize a safe vacation, what is the key point in every trip, click here for the best travel insurance offers, including those covering Covid. 

#1 Risotto

If you want to taste the best Italian dishes, then do not pass by risotto, which has become a real symbol of Italian cuisine, just like pizza. The dish is inspired by special varieties of round grain rice, which must first be fried and then it is ready for the stewing process. When the dish is almost ready, minced meat, seafood, vegetables, or mushrooms can be added to it. Italy will surprise its guests with a variety of risotto fillings, ranging from white truffles to cuttlefish ink.

#2 Carpaccio

The list of the dishes to try in Italy from food will be incomplete without carpaccio. These are thinly sliced ​​meat or fish slices that are accompanied by a sauce with the addition of mayonnaise, olive oil, vinegar, and lemon juice.

Although the recipe for this dish in Italy appeared relatively recently, today it is included in the menu of all restaurants of national cuisine. In Italy, you can also try variations of the dish in which beef is replaced by venison, tuna, salmon, sea bass, octopus, or smoked duck.

#3 Cicchetti

If you find yourself in Venice, then you are always welcome to visit a small wine bar. There you will find a traditional Venetian dish called Cicchetti. These are tiny sandwiches with a wide variety of fillings, depending on your taste – there are no creative and tasty limits. It is recommended to try this dish with a glass of good local wine

#4 Pasta Carbonara

This dish is famous all over the world. Most restaurants in almost every country include it in their menu. However, don’t skip Carbonara when visiting Italy.  In Italy, there are many recipes and variations of this dish. For example, in Rome, this dish is prepared with fresh eggs, Pecorino Romano cheese, and Guanciale. What is Guanciale? This is a dry-cured pork cheek. It is believed that the origin of this recipe roots back to the Carbonari secret society which originated in 1807 in Italy.

#5 Lasagne

Lasagna is one of the most popular and famous Italian dishes that all tourists are welcome to try. It is a multi-layered casserole that can be with minced meat, mushrooms, or vegetables and a lot of tomato sauce. An obligatory ingredient in the dish is cheese: ricotta, parmesan, gorgonzola, or mozzarella.

Lasagna is worth trying in Italy because no other cuisine in the world cooks it so creatively and fantastically delicious. In addition to the classic version with meat, many establishments also offer vegetarian lasagne. It tastes just as good as the variation with meat. 

#6 Minestrone

Contrary to popular belief, Italian cuisine is far from being limited to pizza or spaghetti. Minestrone is a traditional vegetable soup that can also tell a lot about the native characteristics of traditional Italian cuisine.

Originally in Italy, minestrone was prepared from leftover products or cheap vegetables. Today, there is no trace of such an approach to food in the national cuisine, however, minestrone still presupposes the opportunity to “mix everything” so that it turns out divinely delicious. The main components of minestrone are meat broth and fresh vegetables depending on the season. And the key rule of this recipe is to add as many vegetables as possible.

#7 Caponata

Sicilian cuisine differs from traditional Italian cuisine since the first is a combination of Greek, Spanish and Arabic culture. Caponata is undoubtedly a classic Sicilian dish. This is a warm vegetable salad with eggplant. The special feature of this dish is that anything can be added to it, depending on the taste and creativity of the cook. But the key ingredient is the sweet and sour sauce that adds a special taste to this salad.

#8 Focaccia

This is a traditional Ligurian dish and is one of the most delicious Italian bread recipes. This is something like an ordinary tortilla. Focaccia is usually made with wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, and olive oil. But tomatoes, garlic, basil, and other aromatic herbs are often added to it as well. It is highly recommended to try the local version of the bread, as it surprises with its aromas and tenderness.

#9 Burrata

Italy is famous for its delicious cheese. The most popular is mozzarella. But if you happen to be in Italy, don’t miss the opportunity to try Buratta. This cheese is made of mozzarella and fresh cream. Buratta makes a good match with crunchy bread and Focaccia. Delicate textures of cheese and soft bread are also a winning combination.

Wrapping Up

Italian cuisine is distinguished by its simplicity and availability of ingredients. The key feature is precisely the combination of these ingredients that create a unique taste. Italian cuisine leaves no one indifferent and traditional dishes are known all over the world. As practice shows, traditional cuisine is unique in its country of origin. So, don’t miss this opportunity and enjoy traditional Italian food during your trip.

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