How to Plan the Ultimate Staycation Right Now

With the ongoing pandemic hindering travel once again, many people find themselves brainstorming creative ways to spark anything travel-related that doesn’t actually require them to travel. Well, luckily there is something that we can all do, right now. Plan a staycation!

What is a staycation?

For those of you who may not know what a staycation is, I would describe it as the perfect chance to have the full experience of a vacation, without going far. Staycations could be at a cabin, in your hometown, and even in your house! A staycation is a vacation that requires less planning, less money, and less energy- but still gives you a valuable experience. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Staycations offer the perfect opportunity to completely relax, be present, and enjoy the space you’re in. 

Why a staycation?

Staycations are perfect for the situation that the Travel industry is in right now. With many safety concerns around the world, traveling is not a top priority for people. Although, with a staycation practically being in your backyard, you don’t have to travel far! Staycations also are a lot more convenient- considering the lack of planning necessary. Finally, staycations don’t require a lot of money which is something that is appealing to all.

Perfect place to stay?

The first step in planning a staycation is choosing where to stay. You can never go wrong with getting a room in a nice hotel or bed & breakfast in your hometown. You could also branch out a little further and head up north to a cabin. Both options are inexpensive and easily accessible. A few resources that I have found useful are Airbnb and– both of these services make the process of finding a place to stay a lot smoother.

Things to do on a staycation?

Luckily you can make your staycation anything that you want it to be. One idea that will be appealing to many is a relaxing and rejuvenating staycation which is filled with all things self-care. This could include an at home spa day with face masks, essential oils, candles, meditation, and yoga. If possible, visiting a nearby sauna, getting a massage, or getting a facial would also be a really great way to relax, unwind, and treat yourself! Another option for a staycation has to deal with being up north. Being up north offers a great place for some outdoor activities including, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, or tubing. Another great way to stay entertained is by having a game night or trivia night. A few popular games are Forbidden Words , Cards Against Humanity, and What Do You Meme? And if you’re looking for more of a relaxing activity you could have a movie night or spend the night reading a good book. A few bestseller books right now are- Then She Was Gone, Where The Forest Meets The Stars , Where The Crawdads Sing, and The Silent Patient . Another great solo or group activity could be a new DIY project that you’ve been meaning to start! A few great examples could include Bracelet Making , Painting  , or Arm Knitting A Chunky Blanket!  

Eats & drinks!

With a little grocery shopping or a quick stop at the liquor store, you can make the perfect meal or drink. Starting with drinks, you can never go wrong with a wine night, which pairs with any meal. You could also have a little fun and spend the night making and trying different cocktails. If you’re planning on doing that, make sure that you are eating a good meal as well! One popular appetizer that is popular to many is a charcuterie board which you can fill with an assortment of cheeses, meats, veggies, nuts, crackers, fruits, jams and sweets. Another great activity is planning delicious dinner! If you’re traveling during the winter season, you can take advantage of the warm season and make a warm meal. Last but not least, you can take the time to bake a yummy dessert. Baking is a great way to connect with a loved one, while waiting to enjoy the treat you made!

There’s no reason we can’t keep travel alive right now, it just may have to change a bit. A staycation is the perfect opportunity to be safe, cozy, and still have fun doing something that’s different from the norm. Cheers to you and your next adventure, you deserve it!

Wild Bum

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