Say Goodbye To Travel Stress and Hello To A Great Escape!

If the stress of travel has you on edge, you can minimize your travel anxiety to make a perfect getaway. While life would be better with sand between your toes, there’s all the preparation you have to do before you can leave, and for some of us, travel is never easy. Here are some valuable things to remember so you’re not packing up that stress and taking it with you.

Stress-Free Planning

If you don’t believe us that travel can be stressful, maybe you’ll take it from some folks a lot smarter than us. Research from Cornell University found that planning and anticipating vacation actually makes most folks happier than the travel itself. So go slow, breathe, talk about it excitedly with friends and family, and even do a little bragging to get you pumped.

While you’re planning, make sure to include at least one activity that is extra special, preferably toward the end or even on the last day, when you’re most likely to remember it. Whether it’s swimming with the dolphins, hiking a new mountain, or dining with your family in an extravagant restaurant. Also, focus on planning the perfect amount of activity for your trip, including some time for relaxation. Overscheduling yourself will only rob you of the peace you’re looking to achieve.

Pack Like a Pro

Packing anxiety is a real thing. Some pack too much, some pack too little. And many of us wait until the last minute. And then there are those who travel a lot for their jobs and they don’t have the luxury of worrying about packing. They know what they need. They know what they don’t need. And they know what they can buy if they have to. 

The rolling method really works. You can get more clothes in your suitcase without wrinkling them. Or you could try packing cubes. They’re the perfect shape to make the most of the space in your suitcase while keeping you organized. 

The number one item left in hotels is a phone charger. You really don’t want to be left unable to use your phone so it’s worth packing an extra charger. You may not need it, but if you do, you’ll be glad to have it.

Home Security

It’s a good idea to leave with some peace of mind. Here are some preventative measures to consider when securing your home:

  • Hire a house sitter to look after things.
  • Use light timers.
  • Ask a neighbor to bring in any mail or packages or trash cans.
  • Leave your emergency contact information with your neighbor.
  • Set your home security system if you have one. You’re less likely to be burglarized if you have one or more of these home protection devices.

If you want a more secure home, find a local locksmith. These professionals can install new locks, rekey doors, and provide 24-hour service. Before hiring a locksmith, ensure that they provide a warranty on their work. 

Being away can give you a new perspective. You might be thrown off by losing your familiar routines, like mealtimes, but let yourself slow down to take in the sights and to enjoy the people around you.

Jesse Clark

Jesse Clark