6 Must-Do’s For Your First Time In Ottawa, Canada

Having a child or grandchild who is attending college can be both exciting and sad at the same time. While they’ll gain invaluable life experience by going to college, you’ll see them far less frequently than before. If they study in Ottawa by any chance, there are plenty of good reasons to visit them once in a while. 

Ottawa is chock-full of amazing sights, museums, parks, and campgrounds for you to check out. You can have a great weekend outing with your son, daughter, or grandchild and then let them tend to their college assignments for a while. What are the things you must see in Ottawa, Canada?

#1 Buy Fresh Produce at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market

If you’re traveling by RV and staying at a campground, you will want to buy fresh fruits and veggies to stay healthy. Luckily, Ottawa’s Lansdowne Park is home to a year-long farmer’s market, featuring fresh produce and handmade goodies. The market is situated outdoors during the summer months and indoors during winter, where proper heating units are in place to keep everyone warm. The market also has its website, which you can follow along as you plan your next shopping visit. While a farmer’s market may not be unique to Ottawa, this one is very famous, and you are likely to find great things to buy there.

#2 Visit the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

When you visit your student in Ottawa, you will want to take them around the city to check out some historic sights and museums. The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum is engaging for younger people due to its sheer volume of life-sized aircraft models. The museum features Canadian-made aircraft models starting from the 1920s to space shuttle models and Canada’s contributions to international space programs. What’s exciting about the museum is that you can learn a lot of historic trivia and information on aircraft development through its unique tours. Be sure to keep this one in mind if you and your student are a fan of aviation or space.

#3 Take a Boat Ride on the Rideau Canal

There’s a way for you to see everything great about Ottawa by visiting its Rideau Canal. The canal represents a historic waterway that cuts through the center of the city. What’s great about it is that you can hitch a boat and go along its waterways while sightseeing and enjoying a drink or a meal. This is a year-round attraction that you can enjoy with your college students regardless of when you visit. While your student may have academic assignments to do while you’re there, they can work with GetGoodGrade to get their custom paper done on time. This will ensure that you can visit the Rideau Canal and other sights around Ottawa without constantly looking at the clock. The canal often becomes an ice-skating rink during winter, expanding its appeal even further.

#4 Stay at One of Ottawa’s RV Campgrounds while Exploring

If you’re traveling by RV, odds are that you’d like to stay at a registered RV campground somewhere close to where your student is studying. Luckily, Ottawa does feature several great RV campgrounds which are open at different times of the year. You can visit Greenville Park, Poplar Grove Trailer Park, Paul’s Creek Campsite, or Serenity Hills respectively. Each of these RV parks is located in and around Ottawa, meaning that you should pick the one which suits your travel plans the most. Different campgrounds come with their price points and discount offers for RV travelers. The benefit to staying at an RV camp is that you can travel outside the city with your student using your own means of transportation. Moreover, you won’t have to pay for accommodations, and can always move to a different park during your stay in Ottawa.

#5 Find Memorabilia at the ByWard Market

The ByWard Market in Ottawa is not a farmer’s market and shouldn’t be mistaken for one. It is an all-in-one market for artisans, handmade accessories, live music, and other amazing sights to see. Situated in the ByWard Market area in Ottawa, this attraction is home to a plethora of local restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops with distinct styles. You can take your student on a trip to the ByWard Market and find plenty of second-hand goodies, trinkets, clothing, and even furniture or jewelry there. Visiting this site is an experience all on its own, even if you don’t plan to buy anything. As an RV traveler, however, you are very likely to find a lot of useful items and memorabilia to pack into your RV.

#6 Go to Major’s Hill Park 

Major’s Hill Park is arguably the most popular public park in Ottawa, and for good reasons. It offers majestic views of Parliament Hill, the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, and the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. There are several historic sights to see there, which the park was built around deliberately. Major’s Hill Park is home to a plethora of public events all year long, meaning that you will find something to do here at any time. You can also park your RV close to the park and spend a relaxing day picnicking or having lunch and coffee in the park. Take a look at the park’s website to plan your trip to its grounds to know what to bring with you.

Making your Way to Ottawa

As Canada’s capital, Ottawa has plenty to offer in terms of sights and things to do with your student. You can visit local markets and stock up for several weeks in advance, or visit museums and historic sights to learn more about Canada. Or, you can simply rely on one of Ottawa’s RV campgrounds and hit the road together. No matter what you decide to do, the experiences you get will stay with you and make the trip to Ottawa worth your while.

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