Best Places to Travel for College Students

If you are looking to cool off after a tedious semester without surpassing your budget, we’ve got you. Like many luxuries, traveling is often an option that can be off-limits to students. However, you do not have to tour the expensive Maldives or the Bahamas for a memorable vacation.

This article covers some of the best affordable destinations for students to immerse themselves in various cultures and expose themselves to multiple experiences. Together with college essays for sale online, these destinations will help you unwind and recharge for the next semester.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo provides a potent mix of culture and adventure at a price that falls well within a student’s budget. Unlike other destinations, Tamarindo boasts lush scenery that caters to activities ranging from ziplining, horseback riding to surfing.

The destination is characterized by regular community events allowing you to interact with the locals and experience bits of their culture. Tamarindo also boasts an active nightlife, enabling you to make memories and treat yourself to various local brews.

Tamarindo is our top pick because of the availability of diverse accommodations ranging from shared lodgings to air BnB’s. This allows you to plan for your trip while saving money for some keepsakes.

Prague, Czech Republic

Famed as the cheapest capital city in Europe, Prague is a fantastic destination for many students. The cheap food and transport allow you to organize your budget and expose yourself to multiple experiences.

The city is a mosaic of baroque, gothic, and renaissance architecture. This mix allows for breathtaking images and a variety of cultures and historical events to discover.

The city is home to the Prague castle, which is recognized in the Guinness book of records as the largest castle in the world. Prague also boasts a rich cultural heritage with multiple events that allow you to feel the local culture.

As the beer capital, Prague treats you to various tastes, the most popular being the Moravian wine.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan may prove your ideal destination with a potent mix of culture, history, wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. The diverse landscapes of San Juan treat you to multiple activities, from water sports on the pristine beaches to hikes through the historic architecture.

The hallmark for San Juan is the picturesque bioluminescent bays (three of the five in the world). As such, this destination is an ideal choice for Instagram-worthy images. Even better, you do not require a passport when touring San Juan as it is US territory.


Bolivia is also a diverse landscape of sceneries with rugged mountains, snow-capped peaks, dense jungles, and active volcanoes. As such, Bolivia allows for activities such as ziplining and hiking with a diverse range of adventures in colonial architecture and the silver mining city of Potosi.

Like the former, Bolivia boasts a diverse range of wildlife and a cheap lifestyle, with meals costing to the south of 10 USD.


Thailand is a popular budget-friendly destination for many travelers. This destination offers various modes of transport and budget-friendly airlines that directly fly to the US.

To top it, Thailand boasts a wide range of cuisines at affordable prices and an active nightlife in Bangkok. This diversity ensures that the destination fits your needs regardless of your interests.

The diverse landscape of Thailand offers serene beaches, diverse wildlife, and mountainous terrain. This variety makes for multiple activities, including diving, hiking, and the chance to take part in the spectacular local festivities.

With rooms costing as low as 10 USD per night and 300 USD per month, you can easily organize an extended vacation in Thailand without incurring losses.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a staple on the bucket list for lovers of art, culture, and music. The city boasts a lush nightlife with multiple world-class hotels and events.

It also boasts breathtaking sceneries that make for incredible shots. New Orleans also gives you a chance to trigger your goosebumps with a ghost tour reliving Maries Delphine Laurie’s story.

Final Take

Traveling as a student does not imply blowing your savings on a dreamy cruise to Neverlands. Together with the KP writing service, these destinations will help you recharge within your student budget.

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