15 Gift Ideas The Female Traveler In Your Life

Let’s face it, when it comes to packing for a trip, we ladies simply have more items to pack than our male counterparts! But, there are some products that make travel, and packing for it so much easier. Why not gift one of these items to the female traveler in your life?! Here are 15 of our favorite female travel products, all of which would make the ultimate gift.

The Diva Cup

The number one female travel products that you must purchase if you don’t already have one, is the Diva Cup. (or any type of menstrual cup). It will change the way you have your period while traveling. There’s no need to pack loads of tampons, or find them at a convenience store when you get to your destination. It’s so simple. Plus, it helps save the environment!

Packing Cubes

As far as I’m concerned, packing cubes are life changing when it comes to suitcase organization, and should they be used by any and all travelers. But, they are especially great for us ladies who can tend to over pack just a bit. There are tons of different kinds and sizes, but we love this simple variety pack.

Jewelry Organizer

Is there anything more annoying than a tangled up necklace?! One of the major downfalls to packing jewelry for a trip is that it ends up getting messy and tangled. This jewelry organizer saves the day and the best part is that it folds up thin, so it doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase or carry-on!

Wallet / Documents Holder 

I love this wallet by Pacsafe and I use it on every trip that I take. It perfectly fits all of my important travel documents including my passport and credit cards. It works perfectly as a wallet, but doubles as a clutch as well. It also has extra protection for identity theft.

Turkish Travel Towel

Hands down, these are the best towels for travel. They are large towels, but the material is thin, so they don’t take up much space! No more drying yourself off with a tiny little microfiber towel. These also dry super quickly! They work as bathroom towels or beach towels. And, since they are large towels they can totally double as a blanket on a plane ride! I never travel without mine.

Toiletry Organizer

Let’s face it, us gals just have more bathroom stuff to travel with. From hair products to make-up, skincare routines, and everything else –it’s easy to get disorganized. We love these different sized toiletry organizers. They make it super easy to keep things separated and since they are clear you can see where everything is quickly. They also wipe up soooo simply. So, if you have the inevitable spillage of lotion or body wash, this makes it easy to clean up!


My Kindle has been a game changer when it comes to reading while traveling. I have every book I’ve ever purchased right there in my hands, but it doesn’t take up half my suitcase. And, if I finish one book, I can easily purchase another to read after that. Reading in dark spaces like an airplane or hotel room with other people in it, is no longer an issue! Seriously, if you like to read while traveling or on vacation, you won’t regret getting a kindle.

A reusable water bottle

A reusable water bottle is a must-pack for any type of traveler and any place you are going. It saves the environment and will save you loads of money! I love using a water bottle that has a clip on it, because if I need my hands at the airport or in a ticket line I can easily clip it onto my backpack or purse! 

Pacsafe crossbody bag

As female travelers, we always need to be looking out for our safety first. So, we definitely had to include this as one of our female travel products. These Pacsafe crossbody bags give you huge peace of mind, because they are theft-proof. They have so many different features that make them safe. But, what I love is that they are also super stylish and cute.

Polaroid camera

This is a fun camera to travel with and capture special moments. Using your phone or a digital camera means you can take infinite photos. Using a polaroid camera with limited film, really makes you pick and choose which things to capture! Then you can put them into a journal or travel book and write a little bit about what you were doing in that picture. It just makes things more special and fun.

Wet brush 

This is the best brush. Period. It works really well on all types of hair, easy to travel with, and great at getting the snarls out after a long day at the beach or sightseeing! I love to use it in everyday life or during my travels.

Travel pillow 

Do yourself a favor and get a mini My Pillow! You can roll them up and squeeze them into your carry-on bag, even when you think you couldn’t possibly fit one more thing. They are so soft and  comfy and pack so easily compared to the bulky neck pillows that everyone totes around the airport! This pillow has changed the way I sleep on transportation. It’s seriously the best!

Dry shampoo

We all know that travel and vacation might mean skipping a shower or two on a travel day. So, dry shampoo while traveling is our best friend. We love this powder one because it seriously lasts forever and since it’s powder and not aerosol, you don’t have to worry about taking it in your carry-on bag!

Infinity travel scarf

This scarf has allowed me to say goodbye to those money clips that go under your clothes. It’s stylish, but functional. You can hide your valuable items inside the scarf, while also looking cute and keeping warm. It’s genius!

Travel Hair Dryer 

Lastly, this travel hair dryer! It’s super lightweight, folds up to be compact, and has dual voltage. If a hairdryer is a must pack hair item for you, this one is a great option!

These female travel products are true game changers when it comes to packing as a female. They help keep you safe, organized, and looking good. They’ve helped us to feel like pro-packers and allow us to bring all of our favorite things with us wherever we go! 

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