10 Must-Have Travel Products for Families That Travel

Traveling as a family is an amazing way to make memories and bond with your family members on a deeper level. Getting out of your comfort zone with those you love most is indescribable. But, preparing to take the leap can be a bit overwhelming. Where to go, aligning everyone’s schedules, and of course the dreaded packing list. Having these 10 travel products for families will make your life a lot easier, no matter the age or the family members who will be joining you!

#1 Packing cubes

If you travel as a family, the trickiest part of it all is just keeping things organized! Packing cubes make organizing things SO much easier. Each family member can have their own cube (or two) for their things. 

To be honest, we are huge fans of packing cubes for any type of travel. They not only make the organization of your suitcase so easy, but they also allow you to fit more in your bag. So, for the over-packers out there, we highly recommend packing cubes! They are a total game-changer when it comes to traveling.

#2 Reusable water bottles 

Having a reusable water bottle is great, and it will save you so much money on purchasing water for every family member. We love these because they have so many color options, so each member of your family can have a different one!

#3 Toiletries kit

Having the right toiletry kit is a must for organizations. With multiple people, it’s really ideal to condense the number of toiletries you’ll need to bring. Having one big toiletry bag, especially one that can hang like this, is so helpful. That way you’ll all have easy access to it when you arrive at your destination, and it saves each person from having to pack their own.

#4 Family passport holder 

If you’re planning on an international trip, this passport holder is a must. Since your passports are arguably the most important item you’ll pack, you want to know exactly where they are at all times. It can be helpful to put one person in charge of them and keep them all together. This passport holder can hold multiple passports, plus your credit cards, cash, and more!

#5 Polaroid camera + scrapbook or journal

Polaroid cameras are so fun for kids (of any age) to take part in documenting your travels. Since there is only a limited number of polaroid films in each pack, it forces you to be more mindful with which parts of your trip you’re snapping pics of. Then, you can put them in a scrapbook or blank journal, like this, and make notes about the picture! It’s so fun to look back at this and remember your fun trip.

#6 Electronics organizer

Let’s be honest, organizing just one person’s electronics can be tricky. Now, add in multiple family members and you’re just asking for a tangled mess of wires. Having a small electronics organizer like this can be a sanity-saver!

#7 Handheld luggage scale

There’s always at least one over-packer in the group, right? This handheld luggage scale has come in handy on so many occasions. If you’re trying to condense the amount of bags you’re bringing and multiple people are packing in each suitcase, they can get full and heavy pretty quickly. It’s great to be able to check the weight before getting the surprise price tag added on at the airport. 

#8 First aid kit

This isn’t just one of the best travel products for families, but for any traveler! It’s always a good idea to keep a first aid kit handy when you’re traveling. We like to stock ours with common travel meds and basic first aid items. You can purchase this pre-made kit or create one of your own!

#9 Travel pillows

For the light sleepers out there, this travel sleep kit is so great to have. It includes an eye mask and earplugs on top of the travel pillow. It’s great for planes or car rides and helps you get some shut-eye, no matter where you are.

#10 A good luggage set

We love a good luggage set, when traveling with a family it’s really nice to have different sized suitcases that could be used by different people. For the smaller family members, a smaller suitcase is great. We also love hard-sided luggage because it is so durable!

Family Travel Guides

Alright, so you’ve got all the travel products for families on your list, but maybe you’re still struggling with where to go? Here are 3 of our favorite family travel guides to help you choose your next destination and make the planning process super easy!

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