10 Things To Do On Koh Samui Island, Thailand

If you do a quick Google search and ask, “What is the most beautiful island in Thailand?” you will see Koh Samui Island popping up again and again. It’s an island that has the nickname “paradise” …of which it is very deserving. 

It’s a dreamy, beautiful place that, to me, almost feels a bit like a country of its own rather than a part of Thailand. While you could easily spend your entire time on Koh Samui island lounging on the beach, there is a lot more to do than that.

Koh Samui is one of the bigger Thai islands and it offers a lot of variety. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your time there, try out 1 (or all) of these 10 things!

#1 Visit Big Buddha and Wat Plai Laem Temple

You really can’t visit any place in Thailand without at least a couple of temples making on the list of things to do. These two are pretty great and really unique. They are easy to get to and won’t take up too much of your time to explore.

The Big Buddha is a giant gold Buddha that sits at the top of a big flight of stairs and looks out over the ocean. Wat Plai Laem is truly one of the most unique temples. It has 3 different parts that all sit in the middle of a very large pond. It’s colorful, peaceful, and definitely worth the visit.

#2 Check Out Fisherman’s Village 

The Fisherman’s Village is a great area of Koh Samui to just have a walk around. It’s an area of Samui that has loads of shops and restaurants. And of course, you’re on an island, so the beach is also right there and makes for a great place to break for lunch or coffee! Walking around here feels as though you are in a different town compared to the rest of Samui.

#3 Shop At The Friday Night Walking Street

The Fisherman’s Village has an amazing walking street, or night market, every Friday night. Trust me when I say, I have been to my fair share of night markets and this one was one of the best! It’s absolutely huge. They have everything you could want or need in terms of souvenirs and food.

It’s also right up against the beach in the Fisherman’s village, so there’s a nice breeze, and plenty of places to stop for dinner next to the ocean.

#4 Go To A Fire Show On The Beach

Every beach has fire shows that take place on different nights of the week! They are a fun way to spend the night having a couple of drinks with good entertainment while you do so.

The best fire show we saw was on Bobut beach in the Fisherman’s Village at a place called Coco Tam’s x Pepina. The show starts at 9PM and during high season it’s likely to fill up, so try to get there a little bit early to claim a spot in the comfy bean bags!

#5 Drive Around The Entire Island

With the size of Koh Samui, it’s best if you can rent a scooter to get around! The island is a bit more expensive than other islands in Thailand, and that includes transportation. Even taking taxis or red trucks can be crazy expensive. A scooter is your cheapest option.

Once you have the motorbike, take a drive around the entire island to see it from all angles. It won’t take more than an afternoon to do so, and it’s really fun to see all the different little areas that Samui has to offer.

#6 Go To The Beaches

Of course, you have to go to the beach, you’re on an island! Koh Samui has some really big, beautiful beaches. These are my favorites/the most popular ones:


By far the biggest and most “party” beach in all of Samui. Chaweng has LOADS of restaurants and bars right on the beach.


Lamai is a bit smaller and quieter than Chawang but has many places to lounge out in the sun and relax

Silver beach

Silver Beach was my favorite in Koh Samui. It’s a much smaller beach than Lamai or Chawang, but it’s quiet and tucked away and absolutely beautiful.

#7 Climb Up To Overlap Stone 

Overlap stone is a great place to go if you want to take in the island from an upper viewpoint. It’s definitely a unique lookout spot and I think it’s worth the visit! It’s really easy to get to. You can drive a motorbike almost all the way up until you get to a point where there’s a big sign saying, park here in red writing. From there, you just walk up about 5-10 more minutes and you’re there! 

#8 Take A Day Trip To Tean Island And Have a Private Beach

My friends and I decided to do a day trip to a smaller, nearby island. We had a private, traditional Thai fisherman’s boat take us around Tean island, where we spent the day snorkeling, chilling on beaches (where we were legit the ONLY people), exploring the island a bit, and eating delicious Thai food. It was a perfect day in paradise!

#9 Go To The National Marine Park

Another option for a day trip from Samui is to go to Ang Thong National Marine Park. I opted not to go because it is a full two-hour boat ride to get there and another two hours back. We chose instead to do Tean Island. But from the photos I have seen, this place looks incredible and if you have the time it’s totally doable to make a visit from Koh Samui!

#10 Get A Thai Massage

I personally think this should be on any Thailand bucket list for any city you’re visiting, but, I’ve added it to Koh Samui because this island is FULL of great massage places! They tend to be everywhere in Thailand, but Samui seemed to have even more than normal.  Plus, they have so many massage places that are right on the beach. What’s better than taking a little break from the sun to get an amazing (and cheeeeap) Thai massage? That’s right, nothing.

Cafes And Restaurants On Koh Samui

  • Wild Tribe
  • Kon Tiki
  • Jungle Club
  • Coco Tam’s x Peppina (fire show)
  • The Secret Brunch
  • Vikasa

If you plan to do some island hopping during your time in Thailand, you definitely do not want to miss Koh Samui Island. It’s one of the most beautiful places, not just in Thailand, but in the world! The name paradise is the perfect definition for this incredible island.

Sam Timmerman

Sam Timmerman