8 Easy Ideas to Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

When you’re traveling, you’re often excited about the things you’ll discover and see. However, we should also consider our accommodations.

Your hotel room will be your second home for your entire trip. So, you might as well cozy it up for peaceful and restful sleep.

That said, we have listed eight ways you can make your hotel room feel like home:

Bring your favorite loungewear

Regardless of whether it’s for leisure or work, it would be ideal to bring loungewear with you.

Wearing what you wear outside when you’re only relaxing and lounging in the hotel room is not very relaxing. With your favorite loungewear, you can get into a more relaxed mood, even when in a hotel room.

If you’re staying in that hotel room for a long time, it’s essential to figure out how you can have a comfortable stay. Thus, it’s even more helpful to bring your well-loved loungewear with you when traveling.

Pack your pillow or pillowcase

The key to making your hotel room feel more comfortable is to make it feel more familiar. Consider bringing your pillow if you have trouble sleeping in hotel rooms because you don’t feel comfortable. If you don’t want to increase the items you bring with you, a pillowcase will do fine.

Bringing a familiar pillowcase can change how you feel when you’re lying down and about to sleep in your hotel room. That familiar look and feel can make you more comfortable, and you’ll soon be asleep in no time.

Bring your go-to beverage

Some people have a preferred morning beverage to pick them up in the mornings. However, hotels won’t precisely be the masters of your perfect morning brew, so try bringing your go-to drink with you if you can.

If you have a preferred tea that you’re sure won’t be available in the hotel, you might as well bring them with you. For coffee lovers, you can also bring easy, hand-held, and portable coffee machines. It’s an excellent investment if you travel often.

Sanitize and clean your room

These past couple of years have made people more conscious of their environment.

If you’re staying in an unfamiliar place for an extended period, it’s apparent that you might be aware of the sanitation in the area, even in a hotel room. Therefore, you might not be as comfortable as before when you stayed there.

Sanitizing and cleaning your hotel room can go a long way into making you feel more comfortable in it. Of course, you have to start by sanitizing your luggage first before entering, especially if you traveled by plane.

At Maid Sailors, we suggest that you check how your preferred hotel cleans their rooms. Often, it is written on their website. Otherwise, you can call them before booking.

Regardless, you can opt to clean your room as soon as you arrive.

Since you can hardly start cleaning the hotel room entirely, you can stick with the high traffic or the parts of the room that people are most likely to use. Some examples are doorknobs, cabinet handles, showerheads, toilets, light switches, and the nightstand. So, please pay attention to them when sanitizing.

Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently after all of that cleaning.

Bring your favorite form of entertainment

Whether you like reading or watching movies, it’s possible to bring these forms of entertainment that you enjoy. Instead of having to pay movie rental bills in the hotel, you might as well download them on your laptop or tablet, or even phone.

If you like video games, there are plenty of portable game consoles, so bring them with you. For book lovers, luckily, books have almost always been portable, so bring them with you as well and enjoy them in the mornings.

Unpack your suitcase

If you’re going to stay in the hotel room for more than three days, then unpack your luggage. There are closets there for a reason, so there’s no reason to keep your things in the bags.

It’ll be easier to look for your clothes if you unpack your items. Plus, you’ll feel less like you’re always about to leave, which can make it harder to relax in a place.

Maintain your daily routine

Even when staying in a hotel room, having a routine can help you feel less sluggish.

Of course, some things will be different still than when you stayed at home, but at the very least, you’re creating a routine, which is familiar to your body. Thus, it would help if you had to do fewer adapting to the new environment since you have a usual routine in place.

Add white noise

White noise can help you reduce any unfamiliar noises that you’re not familiar with, especially when you’re trying to sleep. Also, it’s a way to block out silence if you’re also uncomfortable with that when sleeping in a hotel room.

There are plenty of white noise playlists in music streaming apps, so you can download those and play them as you sleep.

Staying in a hotel is often the most convenient way for travelers to enjoy their vacation. But given the unfamiliar settings, it’s understandable that you would feel uncomfortable. The tips listed above can help you have a comfortable stay in your hotel.

Geraldine Mills

Geraldine Mills