9 Common Travel Fears and How to Combat Them

The truth is, our fears are what keep us from going after so many things we really want. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to travel. So many of us never take the trip simply because we fear stepping out of our comfort zone and actually going for it. So, we are here to de-bunk those common travel fears, so we can stop wondering and start wandering. Let’s do this.

Travel Fear #1: Not having enough money.

This is probably the number one fear when it comes to traveling. The way to overcome it is to first realize that it’s simply not true that travel has to be crazy expensive. It can be really affordable if you’re willing to make it affordable. You just have to set a budget and stick with it. You can do your research to find places that fall within that budget. There are also sooooooo many ways to find options for making travel cheaper! Just do a quick Google search and there will be 100’s of articles that can truly help you travel cheaper! In fact, here are 5 Simple Tips & Tricks to Save Money While Traveling

Travel Fear #2: It’s dangerous. 

Ready for a reality check? bad things can happen to you no matter where you are. Yep, you could get robbed at home, too! As long as you are alert and smart while traveling, chances are, nothing bad is going to happen to you. You can’t live your life thinking that bad things are going to happen to (although they might). And if something does happen, then you will problem-solve to figure out a solution. 

Travel Fear #3: Not speaking the language.

This will definitely not be a problem (especially if you can speak English). You can get by with body language and a few words everywhere you go! This has become our motto for travel in countries where we don’t speak the language. It is SO true. Even in really remote areas, you’d be surprised how far body language will take you! Also, have you heard of Google translate?! It can be a true life saver in these situations.

As long as you are patient and willing to try to communicate by whatever means necessary, you will be totally and completely fine!

Travel Fear #4: Leaving home.

For a lot of people taking the step to leave is the hardest. What if something happens while you’re gone? Here’s our experience: not much changes while you are away. Life, as usual, continues to go on, and when you get back the biggest thing that has changed is you. Home will always be there waiting for you to come back.

Travel Fear #5: Traveling alone.

There might come a point in time came when you have no one to travel with, and you still want to go. Don’t let the fear of going alone stop you! Everyone should experience solo travel at some point. It’s truly life-changing. If your only option is to travel alone you just might end up loving it. But, you’ll never know that if I don’t face your fear and try it out. There are so many benefits to traveling alone. And if you’re really that scared of it, you will meet so many people along the way, that you really won’t have to spend a moment alone!

Travel Fear #6: Getting homesick while you’re away.

If you’re away for a long period of time, you have to expect that you will get homesick at some point. It’s human nature. Whether it’s just for a person you miss or even something simple like food you can’t get, you’re going to miss your home at one point or another. The beauty of it is that home is only a phone call away. You can FaceTime that person and in an instant, you’ll feel like you’re almost right there with them. Technology makes it so much easier!

Travel Fear #7: Fear of the unknown-I’ll be too far out of my comfort zone.

This is probably true, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone. But, we are here to tell you – that is a good thing. This is the best gift that travel gives us. It makes us open our eyes to something new. You might be shy. Travel will push you to meet new people, and you may end up with a great new friend from another country! Maybe you’re a picky eater? Travel will force you to at least try something new, and you might end up with new favorite food!

The unknown, the new things, they are what you will remember the most about your trip.

Travel Fear #8: What if I hate it?

You can always go home. We aren’t recommending it, but it’s always an option! You will get so much more out of staying and you will grow in ways you won’t even realize at the time. But, if you truly hate it and you really want to, you can go home. 

Travel Fear #9: I don’t even know where to begin with planning. 

This one is easy because there are SO many resources out there that make planning a breeze. There are blogs (like this!) that have so many recommendations and travel hacks. There are websites and apps. There are so many planning tools right at your fingertips! Our travel guides are designed to help you with this very issue. They make it easy to plan the perfect itinerary in your dream destination.

We get it, really we do. Travel is scary, especially if you’re not experienced doing it. But, it’s also thrilling! All of these fears are rational. Having them makes total sense! But, overcoming them, that’s where the gold is. That is where the best experiences of your life are waiting for you. We can promise you that. You won’t know until you go!

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