Five Ways to Make Your Disney Vacation Magical

I’ve visited Walt Disney World every month of the year, and with children as young as six months old. I want to share with you my tips and tricks to having your best day ever in the most magical place on Earth! Here, I narrowed it down to my top five ways to make your Disney vacation magical. 

1) Plan rest breaks throughout the day 

Whether you’re traveling with young children or it’s an adults-only trip, planning in rest breaks will help keep you going throughout those long Disney days! Often people avoid taking breaks because they’ve worked so hard to have this Disney vacation, they want to see and do as much as possible. I believe you will enjoy your trip more if you don’t run yourself ragged. Sometimes you’ll find even more magic when taking a break. Some of my favorite Disney moments are playing on the Hub Grass with my kids in the Magic Kingdom. There are so many quiet places to sit and relax throughout Walt Disney World, which will allow you to escape the constant stimulation and rest up for the activities ahead of you. 

2) Follow the unbeaten path 

A lot of focus is placed on the latest, greatest, headliner attractions (for example Star Wars Rise of the Resistance or Pandora Flight of Passage) that guests often miss the magic of the lesser-known attractions. You might find a new family favorite by following the unbeaten path and trying out less popular rides and shows. Added bonus, the less popular shows have shorter waits. My son’s favorite ride is the Gran Fiesta Tour in Epcot, which rarely has a long line. Another family favorite is the Magic Kingdom’s Carousel of Progress, the longest-running stage show in the history of American theater! Explore the “quieter” magic throughout Walt Disney World and find your new favorite! 

3) Arrive early and stay late 

The best way to avoid long lines is to be in the park when it opens in the morning and prior to park close in the evening. However, I don’t recommend staying in the park all day! Instead, arrive at the park 30-60 minutes prior to the listed park opening time so you can be first in line to ride your must-do attractions. Once the park gets busy, which usually occurs late morning to early afternoon, I recommend leaving the park and going back to your resort to rest. Return in the evening for cooler temps and smaller crowds! 

4) Watch the fireworks 

Disney fireworks displays occur nightly, and the shows are nothing less than extraordinary. Set to music and including spectacular projections, these shows are sure to be some of the best fireworks you’ve ever seen. It is worth keeping your kids up past their bedtime to experience the fireworks shows. They are a can’t miss on any Disney vacation.

5) Have a plan 

Gone are the days of going to Disney and “winging it”. Without a plan, you’ll probably find yourself waiting in long, hot, lines. Prioritize a few must-dos and have a guide to help you plan your day. That’s where the Wild Bum guides come in! They make it easy for you to plan your magical day! 

About the Author

I’m Melissa, Wild Bum Architect, and Disney Expert. My love affair with Disney began on my first trip when I was six years old. As a teenager, I was a Grand Marshal in the Magic Kingdom parade. I started bringing my son to Disney when he was just six months old. Now a mom to two, with a home a mile away from Disney property, I enjoy sharing my tips and tricks with other families who are seeking Disney magic.

Melissa Donais

Melissa Donais