Trip Planning 101: Deciding Who to Travel With

Last week, we talked about the first and most important step of planning a trip: deciding where to go. But, after that comes another huge (maybe more important?) step… who you are going to travel with!? Let’s face it, who you’re with on your travels can make or break your entire experience, so you better choose wisely. 

There are a few options of who to travel with, and each one offers some pros and cons. Let’s break down some of the most popular ones!

Go solo: travel by yourself!

There are many reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life. It allows you to grow in ways you never thought were possible, and rely 100% on yourself in so many situations. Traveling alone is a huge confidence booster and it will show you just how capable you are. 

Trust us, we could go on and on about the benefits of solo travel, but a couple of our favorites are never having to consult with another person over where to eat or what you want to do. 😉

Traveling by yourself will open you up to meeting new people, that maybe you wouldn’t have had you been with a friend or partner. If you’re brave enough to embark on a journey with yourself, we are certain that you will learn many, many lessons. We can’t recommend this experience enough!

Travel with a partner or significant other.

When we did a recent travel poll on social media, we found that this was the most popular way for people to travel. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or just a more adventurous trip abroad, traveling with your partner is always a good choice. There’s already a level of comfortability and trust that makes this the perfect option for a travel companion.

Try family travel: that means the kids, too! 

Family travel can be so much fun. It creates memories that you’ll share forever and experiences that you just can’t have at home. Whether you’re going on a getaway with your entire extended family, or it’s just you and the kiddos, family travel is one of our favorite ways to explore.

Travel is also really important for kids. It’s healthy for kids and we believe that travel with kids can lead to a better future generation. There’s something in it for us adults, too. We’ve found that traveling with our kids can teach us lessons, just as it teaches the kiddos lessons.

Travel with friends (girls or guys trip anyone?)

Alright, this might be hands down the most FUN way to travel. Who doesn’t love a good getaway with your gals or guys?! If you’re looking for a fun vacation, this is totally the route to go. We’ve always got a list of ideas for the ultimate girl’s trip and we have our share of bachelor party ideas as well.

Getting away with your closest friends can bond you, and strengthen your relationship! It creates memories that will last a lifetime and allows you to have shared experiences in a new and exciting place. If you haven’t been somewhere with your friends yet, maybe it’s time to get to planning?

Don’t forget the fur-babies: traveling with your pets!

Last but certainly not least, our furry friends. We are huge fans of making dog-friendly travel plans. Why can’t our four-legged family members enjoy a vacation, too? From road-tripping with your dog to a stay-cation with your kitties, we totally believe that sometimes the best travel companions are our pets!

Choosing who to travel with can be a big part of your travel planning process. It will no doubt change your overall experience. Whether you’re going at it alone or bringing your pup, make sure you take the time to consider the options for who you’ll explore with and why!

Wild Bum

Wild Bum