7 Tips On Taking Your Dog On A Road Trip

Ever wanted to take your dog on a road trip? 

While the idea sounds like fun, it can also be challenging. In fact, most dogs don’t do well just sitting in the car for much of the day. Or, they can get scared of having to ride in a car for long periods of time. That’s all understandable.

The good news is, we’re here to help you achieve a great road trip with your furry best friend. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind, when taking your dog on a road trip:

1. Prepare Vaccine Records

“The truth is, you can’t take your dog on a road trip without some form of proof that they’re vaccinated and healthy,” says Arthur Jordan, a pet writer at Elite assignment help and UK Services Reviews. “Plus, sometimes, things can happen on the road to where your dog might get sick, which is why you’ll need to bring a copy of their vaccine records. Whether you keep a copy in your glove box or on your phone, or in both instances, is up to you, just as look as you have it on your person.”

2. Plan Good Routes

Here, you’ll need to learn about your dog’s preferences. If they’re okay with short roads, but feel intimidated by bumpy roads, then that shows some of their preferences. If you notice that your dog reacts negatively to certain roads, make note of them. 

The last thing you want is for your dog to grow antsy and restless when riding down a certain road that they’re either unfamiliar with or don’t like the feel of it. Therefore, you’ll lead to consider the next point… 

3. Take Practice Trips

Practice trips allow you to train your dog to get used to certain roads. You’ll need to do this on a regular basis – make it part of your dog’s routine. Once your dog is more prepared for certain routes, then you can take the next step by taking them on your road trip. 

Here are some examples of routes to consider:

  • Trip to the grocery store
  • Going to the dog park
  • Visiting a pet store, etc.

Remember: When taking your dog on practice trips, take it one day at a time; never rush things. Your dog will let you know if whether or not they’re comfortable for longer trips.

4. Pack Essentials

Dogs also need to pack for the road trip. With that said, here are some essentials that you’ll need to pack for Fido:

  • Food and water
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Doggie bags
  • Feeding bowls
  • Medicine, etc. 

Prepping your dog for the trip keeps you from having to take frequent trips to the pet store, and prevents an unexpected trip to the vet. 

5. Take Pit Stops

Like humans, dogs need bathroom breaks too. So, if you feel like you need to go, then chances are, your dog will need that break too. 

Keep in mind: Taking pit stops is nothing to be ashamed of. Even if you’re in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B on your road trip, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to pull over and let your dog come out and take a pit stop

6. Keep Your Dog Hydrated

“Like humans, dogs need to stay hydrated all the time,” says Jessica Wendel, a lifestyle blogger at UK Top Writers and Best British Essays. “Don’t have them wait to drink water. Also, don’t wait until you come to the next pit stop to give them water. Instead, bring along a stable water bowl that you can put on the floor in your vehicle, and let them drink whenever they want.”

7. Reward Fido With Positivity And Treats

Finally, if your dog is well-behaved during the trip, then it’s best to reward them for it. Therefore, don’t forget to treat your dog to not only treats but also positivity. While treats serve as a temporary compliment, a positive attitude and saying will mean a whole lot to Fido. Soon, you’ll see that they’re willing to behave during the road trip to receive more praise from you. 


Ultimately, you’ll need to do a lot of prepping in order to make your road trip with your dog a success. However, the prep is worth it, since your furry friend is worth planning for. 

By following these 7 practical tips, you and Fido will enjoy being on the road. Happy traveling! 

About the Author

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Elizabeth Hines

Elizabeth Hines