9 Must-Have Fun & Functional Summer Travel Products

Whether you’re using your hard-earned PTO and heading out on an epic family vacation or simply crossing things off your summer bucket list at home, summer brings a whole different set of things to pack. We love items that are fun, yet practical and these are 9 summer travel products that we love. Bonus: most of them double as great year-round travel items, too!

Beach bag

Beach bags are NOT just made for the beach. We seriously take these big bags that fit everything inside them pretty much anywhere we go all summer long. The big opening at the top makes it super easy to get at the things inside and we mean it when we say that you can load this baby full of all your summer stuff. It’s the best!


Is it even summer if you don’t buy (and pop, then buy again) some new fun floaties for the lake, pool, and boat days?! They are so fun for kids and adults alike. 


We are big advocates of sunscreen. It’s a must-have for protection from the summer sun. No matter where we are going, we always have sunscreen on hand. There’s a bottle in the car, in our beach bag, in our purse, in our bathroom vanity…. we need this stuff to be everywhere we are throughout the summer months.

Turkish towel

Turkish towels are amazing when it comes to packing for travels! They are such a great option because they dry quickly, they are thin and packable, and they come in all different sizes and colors. They also double as a sarong, and work as a light blanket for long plane and car rides. Trust us, these are a total game-changer.

Sun Hat

Another awesome sun protector, that’s stylish and fun! We love a good hat for summer travel, and of course cute photos for the gram! 😉 

Water bottle

Carrying a water bottle has become second nature to us. We take ours everywhere, and it truly helps to keep us hydrated. A water bottle is one of our number one things to bring on any kind of trip. We especially love ones like this that are insulated and keep your drinks nice and cold. 

Easy to set up tent 

If you saw our beginner’s list for what to pack when camping, then you know we are fans of this easy set up tent. It’s perfect for summer fun, even if the kids are just setting it up in the backyard for a fun night under the stars.

Insulated bag or cooler

We always bring this insulated cooler bag with us on our trips. It’s small and easy to pack and it’s a life saver for foods we need to keep cold.

A good book on our kindle 

We always have a list of books to read going, and laying on a beach or relaxing in a hammock during the summer is one of our favorite ways to read. We love having a kindle for travel, because it’s easy to pack and doesn’t take up half our suitcase. Plus, we don’t have to leave our books behind when we finish them to make room for the next.

If you’re working on a summer packing list, or just looking for a few new things, this list is all you need. These items are fun, yet practical and many of them can be used year-round.

Wild Bum

Wild Bum