6 Unforgettable Road Trip Stops In Utah and Arizona

This post comes to us from Guide Architect, Allison Young. She recently took a road trip through Utah and Arizona and had the trip of a lifetime. She has shared 6 of her unforgettable road trip stops below! Lucky for you, she has also shared all of her trip planning expertise in her 6 Day Road Trip Guide: From Los Angeles, CA to Utah and Arizona. If you’re ready to plan the ultimate road trip out west, you absolutely need her guide! Here are 6 must-see places to add as stops along the way!

1. Horseshoe Bend – Page, AZ

Just thinking about that view and how breathtaking it was! We visited Horseshoe Bend after kayaking for 4 hours on Lake Powell. To be able to spend some time just to sit and take in the view with your friends was a nice way to end such an  active day!

2. Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

 The hoodoos in all their glorious beauty! I feel like Bryce National Park is such an underrated park. There were so many beautiful views to take in at Bryce.

3. Grosvenor Arch –  UT

We drove an hour on an unpaved road to see this arch. It wasn’t easy to get there, which meant that there was hardly anyone around! To be able to enjoy this view without the crowds of people was an experience I won’t forget

4. Kayaking at Lake Powell – UT/AZ

Four hours of kayaking on Lake Powell was a lot of fun. Most memorable moments include climbing up the Sand King during peak heat, our friends’ kayak turning over while trying to help another friend jump off a rock, and just meeting other people who took out their boats to enjoy the lake with their family and friends.

5. Narrows Hike – Zion National Park, UT

I still remember when I first put my feet into the Virgin River and the shock of how frigid the water was.  The rocks were slippery and I “almost fell” more than a handful of times. Some people hike the Narrows expecting one spectacular view, but the beauty of it is the journey and sites along the way. 

6. Scout’s Lookout Hike – Zion National Park, UT

This is a must-see road trip stop. This hike was the complete opposite of the Narrows – the Narrows hike was cool, wet, and relatively flat in terms of elevation, but the hike to Scout’s Lookout was hot, dusty, and the elevation gain was intense. Since it was a 4 mile hike we figured it wouldn’t be a “bad hike” to do after the Narrows. Boy were we wrong! The hike was pretty challenging, and there were times where I thought I should just head back, but I decided to power through and go at my own pace. I’ll never forget Walter’s Wiggles which involves 21 short, steep switchbacks and multiple people telling me “I was almost there!” – which felt like complete lies at the time. Although I found this hike to be quite challenging, it felt great making it to the top. 

For a more detailed itinerary, tips for travel to UT/AZ during Covid-19 times, packing lists, and where to stay. Check out my 6 Day Road Trip Guide: from Los Angeles, CA to UT/AZ on WildBum and my Recommended Gear List for the Narrows Hike at Zion National Park

Allison Young

Allison Young