Wild Bum’s 21 Bucket List Items for Summer 2021

Summertime is officially here! With summer comes so much excitement. Remember that feeling you got when you were a kid, and you just finished your last day of school? All of the adventures of summer were awaiting you. There’s still that same nostalgic feeling attached to summertime, even as an adult. And, I don’t know about you, but after all the craziness of the past year, this summer feels extra special.

If you know us, you know we are passionate about people using their vacation days! And if you ask us, summer is the best time to use them. With so many fun outdoor activities available, holidays like the 4th of July, and kids being off school, it’s a great time to have a family getaway or simply relax by a body of water.

Summer 2021 feels like it has all the possibilities to be the best summer ever. So, we decided to put together our bucket list of all the things we want to do in the coming months. We thought we’d share it with you, in case you’re in need of a little summer inspiration!

21 Things To Do In Summer 2021

1-Take a road trip 

Whether it’s in your own state or cross-country, there’s no better way to take in a place than an epic road trip!

2-Go on a boat on a lake

It’s looking like it’s going to be a hot one this summer, so boat days on the lake are a high priority!

3-Relax poolside

If you can’t get to a lake, no worries! Just hit up a local pool. Make it more fun with our favorite pool floaties.

4-Eat an ice cream cone

Is there anything better than trying to eat an ice cream cone before it melts on a hot summer day?

5-Have an epic bbq with friends and family

With the p-word being much more under control this summer, this is something we truly can’t wait to do! Time with family and friends is so much more fun in the summer (and when there’s good food involved).

6-Go to the beach and make a sandcastle

Kids love making sandcastles, and doing it as an adult will make you feel like a kid again! Then jump in the water to cool down and wash off, and make sure to bring our favorite towel to dry off with!

7-Attend a outdoor summer concert

Gosh, did we miss live music! We are hitting up alllll the outdoor music festivals and concerts we possibly can this summer to make up for lost time.

8-Make the perfect s’more at a bonfire

S’mores are a sure sign of summertime. The real question is, burn it to a crisp or keep it nice and golden? No matter how you like them, these are the best roasting sticks to make the perfect marshmallow every time.

9-Eat at a restaurant you’ve been dying to try

The restaurants around you are likely still hurting from you know what… so it’s a perfect time to get out and try a new place! Especially if they have a patio you can sit on!

10-Have a stargazing night

Get a bunch of blankets and make a comfy bed in the grass, and then just lay and watch the stars! It’s so relaxing. The perfect end to a summer day.

11-Try a new water sport like paddle boarding or kayaking

If you’ll be on the lake, why not try out something new like paddle boarding or kayaking?! You may find a fun new summer hobby. 

12-Take a hike or nature walk in your city/town

Nothing like getting out in nature and being in the trees!

13-Attend a local fair, carnival, or amusement park

Summer is the ultimate time for fairs, carnivals, and amusement parks. Thrill seekers – this one’s for you!

14-Buy something from a local farmer’s market

One of the best things about summer is the ability to buy fresh produce and local goods from a farmer’s or flea market.

15-Go camping

If you go camping, you could do so many other things on this list while you’re on the camping trip, like making s’mores, hiking, and stargazing!

16-Read a book on vacation (outside laying in a hammock)

Summer reading is the best reading, right? Here’s the comfiest hammock we’ve ever tried, and check out this list with 12 of our most recommended travel books if you’re in need of a good book.

17-Plant a garden 

A fun summer activity (that’s also kid friendly) is starting a garden and watching it GROW! This window herb garden is an easy place to start, if you’re new to gardening.

18-Take in an outdoor sports game 

Even if you just go for the hot dogs…

19-Have a picnic

Speaking of food, why not head to a local park and have a cute lunch date or dinner picnic? We love this picnic backpack!

20-Watch fireworks 

Whether it’s a 4th of July celebration or a wedding, we always try to catch some fireworks during the summer.

21-Go fishing

Last but not least, find sometime to get a little fishing in!

Ahhhh sweet summertime! We truly hope you have the best summer ever. As you cross of the items on this summer bucket list, be sure to head over to our Instagram page and let us know, or tag us: @wild_bum and use #wildbumming.

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