10 Vacation Spots to Visit After Lockdown

Lockdown has been difficult on many people. Though everyone is keeping safe, it’s hard to fight off the travel bug after being stuck inside for so much time.

The good news? Lockdown will be ending, and travel will be picking back up. With so much anticipation, you may be wondering where you should go when you’re finally ready to pack your bags.

There are many incredible destinations to see, both domestic and abroad. So whether you’re ready to hop on a flight right away or feel more comfortable traveling in a vehicle covered by rental car insurance, there’s a vacation spot to fit everyone’s needs.

#1 – Yellowstone National Park

Starting within the U.S., Yellowstone National Park is a great vacation destination if you love the outdoors. With plenty of room for social distancing and beauty surrounding you everywhere you look, this park provides the perfect retreat for nature enthusiasts.

You’ll need about three to four days here to truly take in everything it has to offer. There are many accommodations within the park. However, they typically get booked quickly. If you want to stay inside Yellowstone, it’s best to book in advance.

If you’re unable to find somewhere to stay within the park, there are plenty of options right outside. Options like Airbnb in the neighboring town of Gardiner are usually available for booking.

#2 – Willamette Valley, Oregon

Oregon may not be your first thought when you imagine wine country, but this area boasts over 500 wineries spanning 150 miles.

With so much area covered, you should be able to find some great spots to social distance and enjoy the beautiful vineyards, adorable towns, craft breweries, and delicious food this location has to offer.

There are so many locations to choose from when it comes to accommodations in the area as well. From charming bed and breakfasts to luxurious spas, there is something for everyone.

Willamette Valley makes for a great road trip destination. With so much to see, it’s the ideal spot to rent a car and stop at all the exciting locations.

#3 – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If mountains are your calling, the Great Smoky Mountains will surely wow you. This stunning park has beautiful hiking trails where you can easily social distance yourself and enjoy the breathtaking views.

With towns like Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg close by, you won’t be short on places to stay, eat, or shop in this stunning mountain region.

You may even opt for the entire mountain experience. The Great Smoky Mountains have many cabins throughout the area, perfect for your vacation. Most have stunning views of the surrounding landscape and will provide you with a unique and relaxing experience.

#4 – Hilton Head, South Carolina

Beaches are a popular vacation destination. Of course, their popularity comes with a struggle for people to properly social distance. If you’re looking for a more low-key beach vacation, Hilton Head could be a great option.

This calmer, more peaceful area has beautiful beaches and plenty of lodging options ranging from oceanfront resorts to beautiful beach houses. And with golf courses, museums, and a national wildlife refuge, so you will never be short on activities to fill your time. 

#5 – Holland, Michigan

If you’re aching for Europe but not quite ready to hop on a plane, Holland, Michigan might be perfect for you.

This Dutch-themed lake town boasts white, sandy beaches on the shores of Lake Michigan. With a charming small-town feel, outdoor activities such as art fairs and farmers markets, and beautiful parks to visit, there is nothing left to want from this picturesque location.

With plenty of hotels available, all following strict cleaning guidelines, you will surely feel safe while you enjoy your vacation in this beautiful town.

#6 – The Himalayan Mountains

If you’re ready and comfortable hopping on a plane and traveling internationally, the Himalayan Mountains may be a perfect destination for you.

With the natural beauty surrounding you, and plenty of space to safely social distance, this great area is sure to cure your travel bug.

Nepal is an extremely cheap travel destination, which means you won’t be stuck paying an arm and a leg on lodging during your stay. With options like luxurious resorts, estate houses, and calming retreats, there is something for everyone.

Flights to Nepal are somewhat pricey, so you won’t find any savings there. However, the low cost of the region may be enough to justify the flight price.

#7 – The Galapagos Islands

These beautiful islands off the coast of Ecuador are filled with amazing animals and plenty of room for a socially distanced vacation.

There are four inhabited islands you can choose to stay on: Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Floreana, and Isabela.

The islands boast all kinds of lodging, from budget-friendly to luxury. So there are accommodations for any price range.

You will also find great activities such as hiking, snorkeling, horseback riding, scuba diving, and more to fulfill your adventure needs.

Unfortunately, you can’t fly directly into the islands. You will have to first book a flight to the capital of Ecuador, Quito, or the close city of Guayaquil before hopping on another plane to the islands.

#8 – Durham, England

If you’re looking for a beautiful city with an abundance of historic buildings, look no further than Durham. This lesser-known English town mixes old-world charm with fun museums and shops.

Lodging options range from quaint inns to hostels, so there is something for every kind of traveler in this city. There are also many public transportation options, meaning you won’t have to worry about how you’ll get around.

To get there, you will have to fly into Newcastle and book transportation from there to the historic city.  

#9 – The Ore Mountains, Germany

This beautiful mountain region is riddled with adorable towns perfect for a stunning vacation. Any outdoor enthusiast won’t be short on activities, from hiking and rock climbing to skiing and snowshoeing. 

With so much outdoor space, this is the perfect destination to relax, unwind, and social distance with ease. This region is also ideal for a road trip if you’re looking to hit multiple towns along the way.

Booking a flight to the city of Dresden is the quickest way to get to the area, but you may struggle to find flights. You can also try landing in Prague or the Czech Republic for more options.

#10 – Saint-Malo, France

This beach town in France was once inhabited by privateers. Now, it is a great travel destination for anyone looking for a bit of seclusion and beauty.

With activities such as an aquarium, hiking trails, and incredible historic tours, this French town has tons to offer.

There are many hotels and luxury lodging options to choose from when staying in Saint-Malo, and most have breathtaking views of the area.

Travel may be a little tricky. Its seclusion means no airport in the area, so you will have to fly into another city such as Paris and travel the rest of the way by train or rental car.

Post-Lockdown Travel: Worth the Wait

The travel bug can be a hard one to shake off. Many people feel they are missing out on so much during these difficult times.

Hope is on the horizon, however. More and more travel destinations are opening up and soon, things will begin to return to normal.

When they do, visit any, or all, of these incredible destinations to satisfy your travel desires. 

About the Author

Alexandra Arcand writes and researches for the car insurance comparison site, CarInsuranceComparison.com. She is an avid traveler and can’t wait to begin seeing new and exciting destinations again.

Alexandra Arcand

Alexandra Arcand