6 Reasons You Need to Visit Egypt Right Now

Have you ever thought about finally checking the Pyramids off your bucket list? Then this is the perfect moment for you to get your bags ready, put your Indiana Jones hat on, and start your journey!

After 6 visits to Egypt in 6 years, there is still so much more to come back for and uncover, with its endless amounts of archaeological sites, cultural experiences, and welcoming people. The more I visit, the more I realize that the Egyptian culture leaves a special place in your heart,  and as Pope Shenouda of Alexandria said, “Egypt is not a country we live in, but a country that lives within us.” 

So here are 6 reasons why Egypt will be your best choice for your next adventure destination: 

1. The Vibrancy of the Culture 

The culture of Egypt awakens your spirit of adventure and will ignite your curiosity for new experiences. Here, you can explore the vibrancy of rich history, strong traditions, and a passion for life. There is an element of mystery and mysticism in the air, whether it’s walking through the souqs or sailing down the Nile with the wind in your hair. If you are seeking a new thrill and sense of wonder, this is the country for you!

2. The Archaeological Wonders

Egypt is home to some of the world’s most famous ruins, including the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings, and many more archaeological wonders still hiding underneath the blowing sands. No matter how many times you see these famous places in movies or pictures, you can never quite understand their power and magnificence until you are standing at their feet. 

Being in places of such mystery and old age transports you to another world, where you feel like you stepped back in time. The first moment I gazed upon the Nile River or looked into the eyes of King Tut himself, are memories to treasure for a lifetime. 

3. The Kindness of the People

Meeting the local people is one of the best parts about traveling to a foreign country, and in Egypt you can make friends everywhere you go. With their outgoing personalities, friendless, and constant mood for a joke, you will be surrounded by kind greetings and big smiles. 

Hospitality is king in Egypt, and most locals will do anything to make sure you feel comfortable, happy, and feeling like you are in your “second home” as they say. 

From the moment you land in Egypt, you will see how the misconceptions about the Middle East are completely inaccurate. It breaks my heart to hear the judgements and perceptions that many people have about these countries without ever visiting them in person. When you meet the local people and connect with them, you will realize how our common humanity unites us, and that we are not that different. 

Here is a video to give you a glimpse into what the local people are like:

4. A Unique Cruise Experience

Going on a Nile cruise gives you a true glimpse into the daily life of Egypt, where you can see children playing in the river, farmers transporting sugar cane, or donkeys galloping along pulling carriages packed with just about anything.  During your voyage down the river, you will gaze out at the reeds and fields, marvel at the temples built near or in the river itself, and imagine what life was like 3000 years ago. On the ship you can enjoy an all-inclusive experience, and dock directly at the temples each morning to visit. The usual routes start in Luxor and go down to Aswan, giving you the chance to visit the famous temples such as Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Philae. 

For so many thousands of years this river has been the creator of life itself, as if everything ever made sprang from its depths. The trees, the plants, even the moon and the stars reflect themselves off of its ripples like a mirror, a distant reflection of a once bound legacy in myth. What secrets and treasures are at the depths of these mysterious waters? How many stories untold could there be?”  -Kaitlin Siena Murray 

5. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Challenge Yourself

Like every good adventure, there are moments of risk, challenges, and discomfort. This is guaranteed to happen when you visit Egypt, as you will have to push yourself to be assertive, outgoing, and most importantly shrewd when it comes to bargaining and prices. Although these types of experiences can be uncomfortable at first, they push us out of our comfort zone and help us to grow. When you give yourself a new challenge, you will see just how strong you can be!

6. Perfect Beaches for Diving  

If you are searching for Carribean-like blue water, colorful reefs for diving, and cheap prices, then Egypt is the place for you! Cities such as Sharm-el-Sheik, Hurghada, or Marsa Alam, offer great diving excursions, serene beaches, and a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the country. Known to have some of the best diving locations in the world, the Red Sea is the perfect place to experience the magic of the underwater world, while also being near to some of the most famous ancient wonders on our planet. 

So are you ready to begin your adventure? 

If you are preparing to visit Egypt, Luxor is a must-see! 

Home to Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple, this is the perfect destination for any explorer or history lover who wants to immerse themselves in the past of Egypt and its modern culture.

In my guide called “Walking in The Footsteps of the Pharaohs – A week In Luxor” you will discover the top destinations and sites to visit, with insider’s tips to making the most of your experience. You will  find a plentitude of off-the-beaten path cultural experiences, tips for safety, tips for connecting with locals, and learning opportunities for families with children. This guide also includes the common scams you may encounter in Luxor, top restaurants, and the best hotels to stay in.

Link to Guide: Walking In The Pharaohs Footsteps – 1 Week In Luxor, Egypt

All of the information you need to have an immersive and transformational adventure is here – so why not start now to plan your new trip! 

See you out on the road – or at the Pyramids when you visit Egypt 🙂 

Kaitlin Siena Murray

Kaitlin Siena Murray