A Trip Back in Time: Castle Dome City & Mining Museum

There is just so much to see and appreciate in the desert. Whether you are out on a hiking trail, stargazing or taking in an incredible Arizona sunset, it is truly amazing what the 48th state has to offer. Several hidden gems surround us that we all need to take the time to experience. One of these incredible locations is the Castle Dome Mining Museum.

In less than an hours drive from Yuma, Arizona is Castle Dome City. The city got its start as an old mining camp in the 1860s.  Many men spent time working in the mines until the closure in the 1970s. The city had everything residents needed; saloons, a mercantile, the sheriff’s office and more. Some miners would even sleep in the mine, get up and continue working. Talk about a hard days work! The silver and ore that was found in the mine was then taken by train to the Colorado River. At that point the boats were loaded and went on their way to San Francisco, California.

Thanks to the owners of Castle Dome City, we still have the opportunity to visit this once booming mining town. Walking down the wood planked walkways takes you back in time and allows you to imagine what it was like to have lived in the Wild West. 

Plan a Visit

There is so much to see during your visit to Castle Dome City. I suggest taking the self guided tour of the city. You’ll be able to walk in the buildings, take photos and read about old residents of the mining town. When you are finished with the city tour, get ready for the Hull Mine Tour! During the 2-3 hour tour, you’ll get a close look at even more buildings on the grounds as well as trip deep into the mine. Your tour guide will provide you with rich history of the mine as well as views of fluorescent mineral walls (Now, lets me honest, I didn’t even know this existed prior to my visit!). The colors are vibrant and people of all ages will be amazed with the tour! It’s not everyday tour guides can keep your attention for 3 hours! The volunteer guides definitely make your visit one to remember.

Keep these tips in mind when planning your visit to Castle Dome City.

  • Pack a picnic lunch – Enjoy lunch at one of the picnic tables outside of the museum and be on the lookout for the one-eyed coyote.
  • Bring a camera – You’ll want to take quite a few photos of the western town along with the stunning views of the Castle Dome Mountains.
  • Make sure you have more than enough time for your visit. Count on driving time to and from Castle Dome along with 3-4 hours to explore the area and take a tour. If you have additional time, make a weekend out of he visit and camp in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge .
  • Fuel – Make sure you have enough gas for your adventure. The museum is a good distance from a gas station.
  • Plan a trip with fun people! It’s always fun to explore with people that are always up for an adventure!


Self guided tours of Castle Dome City – Adults $15.00 (ages 12 and up), Children $7.00 (ages 7 – 11), Children 6 and under are free

Hull Mine Tour – Includes self guided tour of Castle Dome City and the guided tour of the mine costs $75/person. I highly encourage you to call ahead and make reservations for the tour to ensure you have a spot saved. Tip: Pay in cash instead of a card and it will save you on the credit card processing fees. At first, I thought the tour fee was expensive, but after our visit I feel that our tour was well worth the money.

Volunteers are a huge part of making Castle Dome City what it is today. Your entrance fees help cover the cost of keeping the museum and mine in good condition for visitors like you and me to enjoy.


North from Highway 95; Turn at mile marker 55 and then go 3 miles on paved road. Continue straight for another 7 miles on a gravel road. Go straight and you will arrive at Castle Dome Mine Museum.

I am often looking for different areas to visit and learn more about and I am so happy we took the day to explore Castle Dome City and the stunning fluorescent mineral wall. Make sure to add this location to places to visit in Arizona!

Kelly Miller

Kelly Miller