Meet February’s Guide Architect of the Month!

Each month, we like to showcase someone from the Wild Bum community. This month, as our Guide Architect of the Month feature, we are introducing you to Jaime Brown.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Jaime from Arlington, MA and I’m a mom, wife and serial entrepreneur with a love for travel! I have lived in MA my entire life with a brief year stint residing in Queens and Brooklyn in 2007. I work as a contributing freelance wine writer and content creator with a passion or more like an obsession for rose and red lipstick.

My red lipstick obsession also led me to become co-founder of SWEDISH JEALOUSY LIPSTICKS, that I co-founded with my BFF when we realized that we couldn’t share a tube of lipstick because of our different ethnicities. I also have a blog, Lipstick and Rosay that merges both of these passions along with links to my published articles.

What type of traveler are you and what would you say is your travel style?

I like to travel in style without an agenda. For example, visit tourist places along with grabbing a local latte off the beaten path. Willing to stretch the budget but still need a place with hot water and good water pressure and a comfortable bed with clean sheets if not staying with friends or family. I love to walk so I don’t mind aimlessly walking to soak in all the sights, sounds and people. Let’s just say I’m more of a glamper than a camper!

Where have you been? Where has been your favorite place?

I have traveled to Cancun, Mexico, New York City, New Jersey, Washington, DC, Umbria, Rome, Sienna, Assisi, Helsinki and Tampere, Finland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego and Orlando, Florida

Favorite place would have to be Finland as that’s where we have traveled the most because to visit family.

Why did you decide to become a Guide Architect for Wild Bum?

I decided to become a Wild Bum GA because I wanted to expand my writing, especially sharing my travel experiences as a woman of color. I felt more compelled to apply after perusing the Wild Bum IG page as I liked the sense of community and loved the warm welcome I received from Mollie and Sam.

What guides have you created? Do you have any upcoming guides we can look forward to?

Guides I’m working on right now are  Aruba Beaches to Visit and Helsinki and Tampere Finland Must See Sites!

How have you stayed inspired during this time where travel has not been as accessible?

My husband and  I have been binge watching reruns of Rick Steves Europe on PBS and dreaming about all the places we can’t wait to visit or revisit.

What is one thing you can’t travel without?

My phone!! Two summers ago, we had a family trip to Italy and the weekend before we left,  I dropped my phone at the beach (because I was snapping pics as I was walking in the water smh) my died and I didn’t have time to purchase a new one so I had to rely on my husband to take pics of me (which he hated) along with my ancient android tablet that had a horrible camera.

What is something you enjoy about being part of the Wild Bum community?

As I’m fairly new to the community, I can only speak of the kindness and openness I received from the Wild Bum staff. They have been super supportive and helpful with helping me setup my guides, even when I feel like I bombard them with questions. I’m definitely looking forward to getting to know the rest of the Wild Bum community when I’m formerly introduced on the platform.

We are all about inspiring people to get out there and travel, use time-off to explore, and find their wild.

Tell us, when do you feel the most “wild”?

The first steps off the plane brings out my inner child and pure joy! Since traveling has grounded us, my most wild happens when I’m drinking rose and catching up with my bestie or girlfriends.

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