Meet January’s Guide Architect of the Month

Each month, we like to showcase someone from the Wild Bum community. This month, as our Guide Architect of the Month feature, we are introducing you to Cassandra Londono.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m from NJ. I am a freelance model and belly dancer and I was working during the day as a travel agent before Covid hit.

What type of traveler are you and what would you say is your travel style?

I most often travel solo. I love to travel in culturally immersive ways. My favorite thing to do is have local experiences especially foodie based! I am a moderate traveler – not luxury but not camping/hostel stays usually either. I am passionate about finding locally run hotels to stay in, I love unique accommodations and supporting locally run businesses so I tend to shy away from AirBnb or large chains when I can. 

Where have you been? Where has been your favorite place?

I have been to 41 states, 5 continents and 21 countries so far. My favorite place is and probably always will be Mexico. I lived there briefly a few years back and am passionate about sharing Mexico with others and encouraging people to get outside of the typical Cancun/Cabo all inclusive resorts and truly experiencing one of the most diverse, friendly and historically rich places I have experienced. 

Why did you decide to become a Guide Architect for Wild Bum?

I was approached a couple years ago about writing for Wild Bum and after looking into what Wild Bum is all about it was an easy decision! The idea of the community aspect was very appealing, I love connecting with like minded people. I also am passionate about travel guides. Before Wild Bum I had my bookcase full of Lonely Planet books. I think guides are the most indispensable part of travel planning and as a travel agent I can say the best way to get information is from people who have “been there, done that”. 

What guides have you created? Do you have any upcoming guides we can look forward to?

I mainly focus on international travel. So far, I have guides published on the website for San Juan Puerto Rico, Dubai, Panama City Panama, Jamaica, Nassau/Paradise Island Bahamas, Egypt, Puerto Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit region of Mexico, Baja California Sur region of Mexico and Mexico’s Caribbean Coast region (Quintana Roo + some Yucatan). Recently, I also did my first domestic guide on San Antonio TX during the TX feature month.

Plus, I have plenty on the way! Including Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica and of course more for Mexico! I’ll possibly look into doing more domestic US guides in the future as well

Check out all of Cassandra’s awesome travel guides right here.

How have you stayed inspired during this time where travel has not been as accessible?

Although all my international trips were cancelled I kept myself going with mini domestic getaways including a long weekend in Portland Maine, a long weekend to San Antonio and Austin Texas and a week or so in California driving the Pacific Coast highway.  

What is something you enjoy about being part of the Wild Bum community?

I love how personable, friendly and supportive everyone is. It is a community formed of some amazing individuals who all contribute in their own unique way. I would absolutely recommend Wild Bum to others, it’s a great way to further explore travel and also a fun way to see other perspectives since we all travel in our own way. 

We are all about inspiring people to get out there and travel, use time-off to explore, and find their wild.

Tell us, when do you feel the most “wild”?

For me when I am traveling I have the most joy exploring ancient sites (like the Mayan ruins in Mexico or pyramids in Egypt which complete fascinates me) or enjoying a local food experience (this could be learning to make curry from scratch in Cambodia or sitting down for a large family meal in a local’s home, this was particularly enjoyable in China. 

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