Happy Holidays from the Wild Bum Team!

We want to wish the entire Wild Bum community happy holidays from our team. We know this year might look a bit different for everyone. Whether you’re creating new traditions or continuing with past ones, we hope it’s filled with joy, gratitude, and love.

Here’s how each member of our team will be spending the season…


My husband, Roy, and I have a little chuckle around the holidays every year — a few years ago we decided to make the movie Love Actually a holiday viewing tradition…as a family! Oops! Was that ever a bad idea. As you might have remembered (because somehow we forgot!) it is actually not a family-friendly movie for the young ones. Ha Ha. Year after year we spend the holiday season visiting my parents in Naples, Florida – aka Minneapolis Snowbird Central. The city of Naples puts on a fantastic firework display on NYE – we spend the day at the beach, bring along food and stay until late as we brave the crowds that gather to watch the fireworks.

This year will obviously look much different. But, we will be together and that is really all that matters. We usually have a complex puzzle on the table that everyone goes back and forth in putting together. We’ll watch the festivities that will be aired on TV while we are enjoying the company of each other…that is, when the kids aren’t fighting over something related to their video games (can you relate? UGH!). As a family, we love fueling our wanderlust by watching movies such as The Hobbit Trilogy and Lord of the Rings. We also play a mean game of Heads Up!

For us – the holiday season is truly a time to disconnect while reconnecting with one another. We love to daydream about all of the places we will go in the next year and while 2020 was not the year any of us anticipated, it could have actually made our hopes and dreams that much sweeter. A staunch reminder to never take for granted our health, our relationships and simply enjoying the present moment. Adventures will come. Happy holidays!


The holidays look a bit different this year as I usually have three Christmases with my various extended families, and obviously that’s not happening! However, I’m grateful that I’ll be spending Christmas with my husband this year—the first in the seven years we’ve been together, as he usually spends Christmas with his family in North Carolina. I also put up my first “adult” Christmas tree this year, and since I had no ornaments, I made several little ornaments for our tree. See below for the Tik Tok Video if you’re interested in getting a little crafty this Christmas! 

Sam W:

This year Christmas looks very different. While I wish it didn’t, we are working hard to make the most of it. We will be doing a virtual gingerbread house decorating contest. It’s an annual tradition with my parents, and it’s one tradition that can still happen this year! Other than that, lots of cooking and baking!

Sam T:

I feel fortunate that my holiday will look fairly similar to those in the past. While we won’t be able to get together with our entire extended family (of about 50 people) I will still be able to spend Christmas Eve & Day with my immediate family. My dad is really into grilling and he makes delicious food every year. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I am really looking forward to hanging out, playing games, eating delicious food, and watching movies! I’m also so excited that it’s looking like it’ll be a white Christmas here in Minnesota. I have often been abroad or traveling over the holidays, so anytime I get to be home with the fam, it’s a bonus! If you find yourself abroad or away from your family this season, check out this blog post I wrote for some tips to getting through!

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Wishing you all a joyful, wild holiday! We feel so grateful for this community, it is truly a great gift to us this season. Happy holidays from us, to you all.

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