7 Last Minute Gift Ideas (that don’t require going to a store or waiting for shipping!)

With Christmas being just one week away, it’s crunch time for us procrastinators to buy last minute gifts. Don’t feel bad if you’ve waited until the very last possible week, you totally get a pass this year! Whether it’s because you lost track of time, don’t know what to get that certain someone, or just got caught up in the craziness this time of year brings, we have you covered with these last minute gift ideas.

These 6 gifts are all things that you can literally push a button, and have in a matter of minutes! There’s no need to wait for the shipping time or go to a store and fight crowds or wait in a line. Better yet, these gifts are totally great! Just because they are last minute, doesn’t mean they aren’t meaningful. It can look like you’ve spent months contemplating exactly what to get for a certain someone.

While for me it’s the wrapping of the gifts that I procrastinate on, I know for many the shopping and figuring out what to get (especially for those who are hard to shop for) is the worst part. We’re hopeful that one of these super easy last minute gifts will be the perfect thing! Happy shopping, and happy holidays from all of us at Wild Bum.

1. A Wild Bum travel guide.

Road Trip Travel Guides

Ok, we may be a bit biased, but why not head over to the Wild Bum website and get your loved one a 100% curated travel guide to a place they have been dying to go to? Travel is going to make the most EPIC comeback in 2021. We are sure of it. Buying your friend or family member one of our guides is not only and easy last minute gift idea, but it’s a way to spark inspiration and get plannin’ for all the crazy adventures in the New Year! 

To shop around our guides head to the Wild Bum website right here. Then simply type in the search bar your destination of choice! We have hundreds of guides to choose from, all of which are curated by our Guide Architects, who are real, experienced travelers!

2. An Airbnb gift card.

You know what would go perfectly with a travel guide? A gift card for a stay in an awesome Airbnb in that location! Airbnb has super unique and cool accommodations all over the world. They have something for everyone and all sorts of different budgets. They also offer experiences. So, you could use the gift card to go out and do something at whatever location you choose. We love this gift because you’d be giving your loved one an amazing experience.

Head over to buy your Airbnb gift card right here!

3. A subscription to Audible.

Give the gift of audiobooks! These are perfect for listening to in the car, while you workout, or better yet, while you are on a plane or train on your next adventure. Audible has 1,000’s of audiobooks, podcasts, and stories. Your friend or family member would get 30 days free and after that it’s $7.95 for Audible Plus and $14.95 for Audible Premium. This is totally something I’d probably not splurge on for myself, but would LOVE to receive as a gift for a year. If you have a book lover in your life, this would be perfect for them!

Download the app, check out the different Audible subscription options, and get signed up here.

4. Downloadable phone backgrounds.

Etsy and Creative Market are both bursting with super fun phone backgrounds, and they are all instantly downloadable, making them the most perfect super last minute gift ideas. You can even pick a background design that’s perfectly tailored to your friend or family member’s personality. Best of all, it’s something they will look at every single day! 

Start exploring all of the fun options right here or right here!

5. A year’s worth of their favorite magazine!

Why not give them a year’s subscription to an awesome magazine like National Geographic? This is another gift that maybe they wouldn’t splurge on for themselves, but that we are certain they’d love! It’s also a gift that keeps on giving. They will think of you every month when it arrives! National Geographic has to be one of our favorites, if not for the photography, for the amazing stories around the world. But, there are tons of magazines out there to choose from. 

Get your hands on a National Geographic magazine subscription right here!

6. A virtual fitness membership or subscription.

If this year has shown us anything, it’s that our health and fitness is so very important! So, why not give it as a gift for 2021? There are so many amazing online/virtual fitness classes, memberships, and programs available, and they are great because you can do them from basically anywhere, anytime… even if you’re traveling. 😉 

You can find a membership to iFit right here, which offers virtual workouts, nutritional health tips, workout tracking and sleep advising.

7. Give them entertainment or music!

You could also give the gift of entertainment a subscription to Netflix, or Prime Video for tons of movie rental options, or you can even choose a specific network such as Starz or Showtime, if you know the shows/movies your loved one likes to watch! You could also give the gift of music and get them a Spotify membership!

Hopefully these last minute gift ideas will help you find the perfect thing for your friend or family member. If you’re looking for even more great gift ideas be sure to check out this post with 10 Simple Gift Ideas for the Travel Lover in Your Life and this one with ideas for How to Stuff Your Stockings with Travel this Season.

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