10 Simple Gift Ideas for The Travel Lover in Your Life

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If your inbox looks anything like ours does, then chances are it’s full of offers for the best deals of the season! It can be a bit overwhelming and hard to know what is truly the best option for gifts for the loved ones in your life. This year, more than ever, we are just thankful for the gift of our health and the privilege to even be thinking about things to buy.

If you feel that you need to take a step back, get out of your inbox, and do a bit of thinking about what exactly you want to spend your money on this year, we totally get it. In fact, we had to do that very thing ourselves. So, we thought we would share our findings with you all, in the hopes that it might help you find the perfect gift for the special peeps in your life!

We’ve included 10 super simple gift ideas for the travel lovers in your life. There has never been a better year to give your adventure-loving friend or family member an item that will remind them of traveling. Take it from someone who has struggled with not being able to travel this year. If I got a gift that even remotely made me feel a sense of travel, I would be touched.

Without further a due, here are our 10 gift ideas for travel lovers!

1- Artifact Uprising travel photo book.

These beautiful photo books are the perfect thing to gift a traveler this year. They make for a perfect place to hold all of their favorite trip photos in one place. Designing their own book can also be a great way for them to relive one of their favorite adventures!

2- Wildly Goods socks.

These socks are the perfect stocking stuffer and they are a must for your traveler’s next hiking or outdoors adventure. They keep your feet nice and toasty and they are so soft. Plus, they come in such cute styles!

3- Airbnb gift card for an experience or stay.

You can literally give them the gift of travel with an Airbnb gift card. They can use this for a stay in one of Airbnb’s unique homes or an experience in a new place. Maybe they’ll even take you along? 😉 You can’t go wrong with this gift.

4- Travel Listography travel journal.

Has there ever been a better time to sit down and make a list of the places you want to go and why you’d like to go? This journal is so cute and fun. It’s the perfect way to let the travel lover in your life dream up their next getaway.

5- Patagonia used gear.

As if we could love this brand any more, they’ve rolled out an amazing new shopping option. Patagonia has started Worn Wear. You can mail in your old gear to be fixed, or recycle gear that you’re done with. Which means you can also buy used gear at a discounted rate. This is a great way to buy less and truly use what you have to its full extent. It could be a great way to buy your travel lover gear at a discounted rate.

6- Pacsafe anti-theft backpack.

Pacsafe makes the greatest anti-theft luggage. This would give any traveler peace of mind when packing for their next trip. Their bags are not only super safe, but stylish! I have used their bags many times on my travels, and have absolutely no complaints! I especially love their backpacks.

7- Hydro Flask water bottles. 

We are all about the reusable water bottle, and we think that Hydro Flask makes some of the best ones out there. The insulation keeps your drinks so cold, and there are tons of fun colors and sizes to choose from! This is a must-pack item for every single trip.

8- Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List a book of 500 places on Earth ranked.

It’s no secret that Lonely Planet makes amazing travel books, and this one is no different! This is the only book your traveler needs to make the ultimate bucket list of 2021 travel destinations. It’s full of amazing photos that would spark wanderlust in just about anyone!

9- Travel Calendar of vintage travel spots.

This calendar is the perfect desk item, so that your loved one can feel like they are traveling somewhere new on a daily basis. We love the vintage postcard feel to each of the locations.

10- Wild Bum shop apparel or a Wild Bum guide to a place that you know they are dying to go.

We just dropped our swag shop! We are so excited, and while we may be a bit biased, we totally think any of our swag would make for an amazing travel gift. Check out this post to get a preview of what you’ll find there. If you’re not looking for apparel, you could always gift one of our curated travel guides, to make planning the next trip a breeze.

There you have it: 10 simple gift ideas for the travel lover in your life. Take it from an avid traveler, any of these gifts would be awesome to receive this year. I am willing to bet that any of these items would put a huge smile on a travel lover’s face. Happy gifting!

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