Things That 2020 Has Made Us Extra Thankful For

What a year. We’ve said it (and heard it) a million times, but this really has been a crazy and unpredictable year for everyone. While it may seem that there are so many things we could be upset about or let down by, we have chosen to take a different route.  Instead, we’ve been reflecting, not on the things that were lacking or that we disliked about 2020, but rather the things it has made us extra thankful for.

We totally recognize that it was a privilege to feel healthy and safe enough to have these silver linings in 2020. No matter what this year brought, our founder, Mollie says she declared it the year of hard work. Her hope in all of this is that in strengthening the foundation – be it at home, within ourselves, our collective humanity, and/or professionally, it will only make this next year and the years to come, the best and most intentional yet!

We couldn’t agree more. Tough times make tough people. Seeing as we have all collectively been through a tough year, we believe can come out stronger. But, the heart of that is appreciating what we have and being grateful for the good. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for this. So, today we are sharing what each of the Wild Bum team is most thankful for this year.

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Wild Bum’s Founder

Two things I am grateful for in 2020 (although, there are many many more!). First and foremost, this precious time with my family, where we were forced to slow down. While things eventually picked back up, we didn’t take anything for granted. Our health, reflecting on past adventures, a break from burning the candle at both ends meant more board games, movie nights and dinner time conversations. We also invested more time in 2020 to work on ourselves – reading, podcasts, and strengthening our vision for the future, both personally, as well as as a family. Secondly – I am thankful for the TWO women’s retreats I curated and led, the first to Colombia in February, pre-shut down. And the second to Tucson in October, which was more magical and sweeter than we could have ever imagined.

Sam W:

Our Social Media Guru

This year I am thankful for new work relationships that have turned into friendships. I am grateful for my home and all its coziness, and my loves, my dog Frida and my fiancé Jackson. Oh and cheese sauce. Can’t forget cheese sauce.


Our Pinterest + Email Marketing Wizard

I’m really thankful that despite having to postpone our originally planned wedding, my husband and I were still able to elope in Glacier National Park. We’re both introverts and love the mountains, so in a way, it felt more like “us.” Thanksgiving will mark two years since we got engaged!

Eloping in Montana


The World’s Best Intern

I’m thankful for endless things. Although, if I had to name a few specific things here’s what I’d say. I’m extremely thankful for my support system of family, friends, coworkers, and mentors. Additionally, I’m grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been given throughout school, extracurricular activities, and my current/future career! 

Sam T:

The Gal Behind the Blog

I am extremely grateful for my parents (and my whole family in general). But, I feel extra thankful for my parents and their never ending support. I am also very thankful for the necessity of slowing down and being home. I am normally always on the go. This is actually the longest amount of time I have spent at home and in the US in the last 5 years. While there were moments that I longed so badly to be traveling, I have to say that being forced to stay put and learning to appreciate stillness and slowness, has been a very valuable lesson for me.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Wild Bum! Enjoy the time to slow down, safely be with family, and enjoy your favorite food. We hope you are able to reflect on a few things that 2020 has made you most thankful for.

Wild Bum

Wild Bum