Girls Getaway to Houston, Texas

Today on the blog we  have a unique glimpse into our Place of the Month! One of Wild Bum’s very own took a trip to Texas. Our intern Julia recently went on a girls getaway to Houston. She saw and did it all, and lucky for us she’s spilling it all in this very blog post! Here’s what she had to say about this diverse, fun, and beautiful Texas city.

Why you should plan a vacation right now.

With the majority of life being virtual- school, work, extracurriculars- why not take advantage of the flexibility and change up the scenery! Myself and three of my best friends planned a trip to Houston, Texas and had the time of our lives.

These days it is easy to get in a habit of doing the same things every day. The perfect way to reset- is to do something for yourself! This little getaway gave me the opportunity to put work and school aside for a few days, and truly be present with my three best friends. With that, I also came back to all of my priorities feeling refreshed and energized!

Why Texas?

Texas offers a beautiful mix of sun & fun. 

Texas is packed with great things, for all ages! Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway, local attractions, a few nights out with your friends, a beach, new eats, endless shopping, and so much more. Texas has it all! 

A few of my favorites… were Galveston Beach, Houston Color Factory, and Houston NightLife!

Whether you’re in the mood to spend, or just enjoy a new city, Texas offers both. Here are a few things that Texas has to offer and that we took advantage of during our trip!

Galveston Beach and Texas Sun.

Everyone loves a little vitamin D whenever they can get it. Texas is filled with pools, beaches and hot sun! Laying by the pool and the beach were one of my favorite things about Texas. Good weather gives you the perfect excuse to give your mind and body a break and just relax and be present in the sun. After a full day laying by the beach, I felt very rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Houston, Texas Local Attractions.

One great thing about Texas is that it is filled with so many different exciting attractions to visit. A few of my favorites were the Houston Color Factory, which are the two outside pictures. We had SO much fun here. Each room was filled with a different, fun, colorful activity. Giving us the chance to laugh the whole time and to feel like kids for the day. The picture in the middle is from a ride on the pier in Galveston, Texas. Although I’m terrified of heights, this roller coaster was very thrilling and gave us a beautiful view of Galveston.

Houston, Texas Nightlife.

Traveling with three of my best friends, all being freshly 21… Nightlife in Houston, Texas was something that we were really looking forward to. The bars were all filled with bright lights, cool aesthetics, fun music, good drinks, and gave us fun memories to look back on!

Houston, Texas Eats.

If you’re looking for new restaurants, Texas actually has it all. I’ve included some of my favorites below. The first day in Texas we grabbed lunch at a cute Mediterranean place. I had an amazing greek salad and it was a really refreshing meal for the hot weather. After the beach, we stopped at a local crab shack and had seafood, which was very fitting. And another favorite was trying my first shake at an in-and-out burger!

Here were a few of my highlights, but definitely only a surface level snapshot of my time in Texas! Planning a girls trip with my three best friends, and exploring Houston, Texas was something that I didn’t know I needed until I did it. I’m grateful for my little getaway and I’m excited to be back, feeling refreshed and motivated to work hard… in order to plan my next vacation! 

* Stay tuned for Julia’s Houston, Texas guide that is coming to Wild Bum soon!*

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Author Introduction-

Hi all- 

My name is Julia Bauer and I’m an intern for Wild Bum! I started working with Wild Bum during January of 2020! Wild Bum has given me an amazing outlook on travel and I’m so excited to share my recent travel experience… which is in the place of the month!

I’m a senior at the University of Minnesota, studying Finance and Analytics. I’m currently the VP of Recruitment for my sorority as well as the Analytics Associate for Women in Business at the U. I have a love for learning new things in regards to personal and professional development. In my free time I enjoy reading and listening to podcasts, going for walks and runs, yoga, and playing tennis. I love any quality, genuine time I get to spend with my loved ones. And I love all things travel. Wild Bum is one of my favorite things that I’m involved in right now!

Wild Bum has offered me an opportunity to apply my strategic and creative ideas to a real-life business. Getting to know the founder of this amazing company, Mollie, as well as the other amazing employees, has been something that i’m so grateful for. Working for a business that is authentic, genuine, empowering, uplighting, and value driven is one of the biggest learning experiences in my life!

Julia Bauer

Julia Bauer