How to Plan An Epic Trip to Texas

Is anyone else slightly intimidated by the thought of planning a trip to Texas? Planning a trip to anywhere can seem daunting at times, but Texas is so big. Where do you even begin? What cities are actually worth seeing, and what do you do in those cities? How should you get around? The questions could go on and on.

Planning a trip doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be fun! In fact, we believe it should be fun. And since Texas is our place of the month for November, we want to help you plan the trip of a lifetime there. But, most importantly, we want the process of planning that trip to be enjoyable! 

Which is why we have broken down how to plan an epic trip to Texas in five simple steps. Read on, and get ready to pack your bags for the ultimate getaway to the Lone Star State!

Step 1: Decide on the purpose of your trip/what type of trip you want to take.

This step is super important no matter what trip you’re planning. You should always start by asking yourself, “What type of trip do I want to take?” (if you’re traveling with companions make sure to ask them too!) Answering this question can really help you start to narrow down possible destinations, which is important in a big place like Texas with many great options.

Is this trip for a relaxing getaway? Is it more of a vacation? Do you want to sit on a beach or do you want to be active? Are you more of a city dweller or would you rather be in the middle of nowhere? Is it a romantic couples getaway or will you be with the whole fam? There are lots of questions to answer about the style of travel, before you decide on the best location.

Step 2: Figure out which cities you’ll hit.

Texas has no shortage of amazing cities. Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and El Paso tend to be among the most popular, but don’t sleep on the little towns in between! Dare we say it one more time, but Texas is HUGE! It’s bigger than every country in Europe, so you better believe that there are tons of places to see. 

Figuring out which cities are of the most interest to you will help greatly when you get to step three, and answering the questions listed in step one will help you to figure out what cities align with your interests and the type of trip you are looking for.

Step 3: Figure out your mode of transportation.

Will you fly to your destination? Are you going to make it a road trip and hit multiple cities? Will you fly first and then rent a car to get around? Hey, you could even hitchhike! 😉 Really, there are a few options, and you’ll have to figure out which is best for you, when planning a trip to Texas.

If you’ve answered both of the questions above, it will help greatly with figuring out your transportation. If you plan to stay in one city, such as Austin, you might find that you can fly there and use a rideshare app to get around! But, if you plan to hit multiple cities you may need to fly in between, rent a car, or drive your own car from your initial location.

Step 4: Decide on a place to stay.

We are huge fans of Airbnb over here! They offer so many unique stays. There are so many options for stays all over Texas. Check out Airbnb to see for yourself!

If you are more of a hotel person, is a great place to look for hotels. They have a huge selection of options and you are able to sort them based on your preferences.

Beyond these options there are also hostels, camping options, or perhaps you have family and friends you can stay with! Either way, nailing down where you will stay is an important part of planning any trip.

Step 5: Plan out what you’ll do and see in each city

We have totally got you covered here. Check out all of our awesome Texas guides to help you out with step five. You can see all of our Texas guides here. Our guides have a little something for everyone, from places to stay, places to eat, things to do and see or ways to kick back and relax! We offer guides for couples, families, solo travelers, and guys or gals trips!

Let’s Texas is another great resource to help you plan a trip in Texas. They have tons of resources, including a free map to download. Check out their website here.

Whew! There’s a lot of steps that go into the travel planning process, especially when you’re looking to go somewhere as big as Texas. But, if what they say is true, everything’s bigger in Texas and that must include the fun! So, we hope that you plan a trip to Texas and get yourself there sooner or later, and that this little guide helps to make every step of the journey so. much. fun!

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