5 Reasons to Add Detroit Back to Your Bucket List

It’s well known that Detroit doesn’t make many (if any) “Must-See” travel short lists. The breaking news surrounding Detroit always seems to dwell on crime, bankruptcy, and decay. While parts of the city are still not a place most tourists would feel comfortable in; the downtown area is a beautiful display of public art, architecture, and packed full of history.

If you venture outside the city, you’ll find quaint and welcoming suburbs that provide the perfect home base experience for your trip to Motor City! Detroit truly has a lot to offer to a traveler. It has history and charm. Here are 5 reasons you should add it back to your Bucket List.

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5 Reasons to Add Detroit Back to Your Bucket List

#1: Come See Motown’s Origins

Everyone knows Diana Ross, the Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, etc. and Detroit is where the iconic Motown sound was born. Berry Gordy put together his record label and introduced the world to these household names. Visit Hitsville USA the Motown Museum to get all the history! 

Explore more of Detroit’s music scene with festivals like Detroit Jazz Fest, the Downtown Hoedown, Dally in the Alley, and many more!

#2: Belle Isle – the Central Park of Detroit

When I say the Central Park of Detroit I mean it literally given that Frederick Law Olmsted actually designed both parks! Belle Isle is actually bigger than Central Park, however, and located right in the middle of the Detroit River (it’s an island park!). Complete with an aquarium, zoom, conservatory, golf course, yacht club, and plenty of fishing or picnicking spots you’re sure to find a way to spend a whole day (at least) in this little piece of paradise. 

#3: Take a Day Trip to Windsor

If you’re like me, and you love being able to add new places to your ever growing “Places I Have Been” list; then Detroit is extra special – it’s basically a 2 for 1! Right across the river from downtown Detroit is downtown Windsor, Ontario (cross off Canada in an easy day trip). You can drive to Windsor via an underwater tunnel, just make sure to bring your passport!

#4: Experience the Birthplace of the American Car

Detroit has retained a lot of the history of its heyday of automobile manufacturing through museums. The museums of Motor City are actually some of my favorite museums ever! Particularly the Henry Ford museum. Showcasing over 300 cars, they have an impressive lineup of the official presidential cars. They also have exhibits featuring American agriculture, innovation, and the American civil rights movement – you can even sit on the same bus in the very seat that Rosa Parks sat. 

#5: The Food

Detroit is so culturally diverse it offers some of the most authentic foods you can find. Dearborn has the most delicious Middle Eastern food, you can find coney dogs on any corner, and the Eastern market has something for everyone! Eastern Market is a six-block farmers market that attracts thousands of people every Saturday with its farm fresh foods from all over Michigan and Ontario. 


Marie Hetherington

Marie Hetherington