6 Interesting Finds in Charleston, South Carolina

While Charleston might often be overlooked, it is a city that truly has so much to offer to a family, history buff, or just for a fun weekend getaway. This post will share 6 things to do and see in the town of Charleston, South Carolina, many might come as a fun surprise! We can’t wait to share these fun facts, sights, and history with you.

The historical city of Charleston, South Carolina has a rich and unique history. It is the home to many firsts, including America’s first museum and theater. The city’s architecture is beautiful and boasts true southern charm. Charleston makes for the a perfect city to explore.

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6 Interesting Finds in Charleston, South Carolina

1. The Pink House

The Pink House was constructed sometime between the late 1600’s and 1712. It is rumored  to be the oldest masonry home in Charleston, SC and the 2nd oldest in the country. The Pink house was built using Bermuda stone, a coral stone from West India, which gives the house its pink color.  This unique house only 1 bedroom and 1.5 baths and has been everything from a residential home to a law office and even an art gallery over the years. You find The Pink House, located in the French Quarter, and get one of those Instagram worthy pics. 

2. The Dock Street Theater

On the corner of Church and Queen is where you will find the iconic Dock Street Theater. This is America’s first theater. On February 12, 1736 the Dock Street Theater opened with the show The Recruiting Officer. Later the theater burnt down in the historic fires that destroyed much of the French Quarter and was rebuilt as the Planters Hotel. Interestingly enough the hotel was later sold and The Dock Street Theater had its second grand opening on November 26, 1937 and still hosts/holds performances today. 

3. The Charleston Museum

Take a walk down Meeting Street and you will find America’s first museum. The Charleston Museum was founded in 1773 and has been preserving Charleston’s rich culture ever since. If you want to learn more about both Charleston and the low country in general, head on over to the Charleston Museum. 

4. The College of Charleston

While walking the city you can easily wander into the historical College of Charleston. Founded in 1770 The College of Charleston is in fact the oldest municipal college in the United States. What started out small now educates over 10,000 undergraduate students in the heart of Charleston. 

5. The Earthquake of 1886

On August 31, 1886 a devastating ~7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Charleston. “The Great Shake” could be felt from Boston to Chicago and as far south as New Orleans and it almost destroyed the beloved city. Ninety percent of the buildings were damaged. Following the quake many Charlestonians installed iron rods throughout their structures known as earthquake bolts, to help prevent damage should another earthquake hit. Many historic buildings throughout Charleston still have these round bolts on the outside. 

6. The Folly Beach Boat

Marooned along Folly Road after Hurricane Hugo hit, this 50 foot boat quickly became known as The Folly Beach Boat. Almost daily the boat would have a new message painted on it from birthday celebrations to marriage proposals, the boat said it all. Now located at The Barrel on Folly Road after Tropical Storm Irma dislodged it from its current resting place. 

Ready to start exploring this interesting and under-rated city? Hopefully you learned something new about Charleston, South Carolina. We sure did. If you are ready to start planning your own trip, don’t forget to get the Weekend Guide to Downtown Charleston right here.

Caitlin Omilak

Caitlin Omilak



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