November’s Place of the Month: Texas!

That’s right ya’ll, our November place of the month is none other than the Lone Star State, Texas. And it clearly already has this Minnesotan feelin’ like I have to say ya’ll as much as possible. This state has BIG THINGS (see what I did there?) to offer to a traveler, and we can’t wait to give you alllllll the info throughout the course of this month.

To kick things off, we thought it would be fun to share some history, fun facts, and interesting info about the state of Texas. Trust us when we say, there is no shortage of things to say about this place. As any proud Texan would likely tell you, this state is truly unlike any other.

Texas Travel Guides

First things first, we have to tell you about all the awesome guides we have for Texas. If you are planning on taking a trip, we have your back in the planning-what-to-do department. Check out all our Texas travel guides right here.

Important Cities to Know in Texas

The key cities in Texas include Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and El Paso. Houston is the largest city, while Austin is the state capital. We will be covering many of these cities in greater detail over the course of the month. So, ya’ll be sure to stay tuned.

Must Know Info

Texas is known for quite a few different things, and in our opinion, this combination of things is what makes Texas so special. This includes it’s Spanish influence, museums, scenic attractions, cowboy culture, and Tex-mex cuisine.

A Few Fun Facts About Texas

1. Although many think that it’s the largest US state, it’s actually the 2nd largest, behind Alaska. But, it’s still pretty massive. As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. In fact, Texas is larger in size than every country in Europe. Population-wise it has the second largest population of all US states (behind California).

2. TX is home to the highest speed limit in the entire United States… 85 miles per hour!

3. People aren’t the only thing that Texas has a lot of… there are also more than 16 million cattle living in the state.

4. Texas is the only state that flies their flag at the same height as the American flag, because it was once an independent nation. The lone star flag is pretty popular and the red, white, and blue used in it are exactly the same as the colors of the US flag.

We are so excited to continue to share more information about Texas, it’s awesome cities, what to do, and what to see in this super cool state. Ya’ll better get ready. We’ve got some fun stuff in store.

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