Are You Documenting Your Travels?

This week on the Wild Bum blog we are going to be talking about all things related to documenting travels. From photographs and journals to videos and souvenirs, the physical items we bring home from trips are a necessary part of the travel process. While actually going out and making the memories is the most important part, it’s also essential that we have something tangible that allows us to take a look back.

Whether you’re going at it solo, packing up your kids, or it’s just you and your partner, there is a major benefit to capturing memories in a palpable way. To kick off this week, we are sharing the top reasons we believe you should document your travels, as well as, some ideas for how to do it. Later this week we will share even more tips and tricks to help you keep a record of your amazing adventures.

Reasons You Should Document Travels

You Can Look Back During Times You’re Not Traveling

COVID-19 anyone? Since we haven’t been able to actually physically do much traveling in the past year, our travel mementos have been a lifesaver! Being able to look back at previous trips through photos or souvenirs is so much fun and can help you get through those periods of life with no travel.

To Keep Track of Your Personal Growth

Looking back at different trips allows you to see how much you have grown as a person. This is especially true if you keep a journal or diary. It’s a great way to see what you thought about during that time and compare it to where you are now. You can even see the growth that your time traveling brought you.

For Mental Clarity or Therapy

Sometimes keeping a journal or diary while traveling can simply be a brain dump. Many times when we are in a new place, we are experiencing sensory overload! There are so many new places, people, things to do and things to see. It’s a great way to simply get everything in your head out there.

To Make You Happy or Inspire You to Travel Again

There’s nothing more motivating than looking at old photos to get you to book another trip. You will be instantly reminded of how much fun you had and the power of travel.

Create a Hobby or New Passion

If you decide to document your travel in the form of a blog, you might just find a new passion, one that could even lead you to a side hustle and some extra cash flow. Or perhaps you are collecting something every place you go and find yourself a new hobby! The options are endless.

To Share With Others

Family and friends always want to hear about your big adventures. What better way than to actually show them with photos and videos? You might even be approached by strangers who want to take a similar trip and asked for your advice. 

So You Won’t Forget

Travel memories can be so vivid and amazing that we often think we would never forget them. Unfortunately, the human brain just doesn’t work that way. We have so many things flooding our brain on a daily basis, chances are if you don’t keep some sort of documentation, you will forget bits and pieces of your travel experiences.


6 Ideas for Ways to Document Travels

Below you’ll find 6 of our favorite ways to document travels. Thanks to technology, there are countless ways that you can keep physical memories of your trips. These are a few of the ways we most enjoy doing it, many of which we will be covering in more detail on the blog this week.


1. Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words for a reason! Photos have to be the greatest way of transporting you back to a place and time. We can all be photographers these days, just by using our cell phones!

Read more about taking great photos here: 8 Tips for Taking Better Photos While Traveling


2. Journaling or Blogging

You can put pen to paper and keep a physical journal or diary, or you can opt for a digital format. Either way, writing is a wonderful way to keep track of your journeys and all of the things you are experiencing. You can write down the things you are feeling, places you are going, and so much more. You could even start your own blog to keep you accountable to writing it all down!


3. Video

Videos are one of the best formats for keeping track of your adventures. Videos have the ability to really make you feel like you are back in the moment, because they can feel so real and evoke so many emotions, especially when accompanied by a song that was also relevant to that experience.


4. Write to Friends or Family

Send postcards home or even simpler send emails to friends and family! Tell them all about the things you are doing and seeing!


5. Collect Souvenirs

This doesn’t have to be something you necessarily buy! You can collect maps, coasters, business cards, or just little trinkets that remind you of people you’ve met and places you have stayed! When you get home you can put them in a memory box for safekeeping.


6. Sketch or draw

If you are more artistic, drawing might be the best way for you to document your travels. Even if you aren’t, you never know what travel will inspire you to do! 

We can’t wait to go even more in depth on the blog this week and give you more information to help you document your next trip like a pro! Keeping track of your travels is a wonderful way to relive your favorite memories long after they’ve taken place.

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